Cardboard Boxes and Their Uses

Cardboard is a generic term that is used for a number of heavy-duty paper-based products which have greater thickness and durability than the normal paper. It is less foldable, more rigid and impact resistant. Even though it is not thought to be very valuable but it has several uses due to its thickness and durability. Before the cardboards, wooden crates were the means of transporting material from one place to another. Those wooden crates were expensive to be utilized on a large scale.

We have been hearing this term since at least 1848. It was mentioned in Anne Bronte`s novel the tenant of wildfell hall. The kellog brothers used paperboard cartons to contain their flaked corn cereal when they started marketing their product for the first time. The boxes were wax sealed and had a printed brand name on them. American packaging industry exceled while using the fibre shipping containers particularly paper milk carton. It took a few years until the first cardboard producing machine was produced that created corrugated cardboards. In 1890 there came a huge innovation and the pieces of board were folded into boxes. By 1895 corrugated cardboards started travelling all around the world originating from America.

Types of cardboard
Cardboard is a very general term used for various types of paper boards for example: –

  • Container board, used for producing fibre board.
  • Folding box board, made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.
  • Solid unbleached board, made up of unbleached chemical pulp.
  • Solid bleached board, made up of bleached chemical pulp that contains minerals and synthetic pigments.
  • White lined clip board, made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibres. The recycled content is generally in the inner side and grey in colour. It is generally made up of two to three layers.

Cardboards Can Be Recycled
People all around the world are wasting resources because for somethings cannot be recycled and others are not wanted to be. Good thing about cardboards is that they are environment friendly and recyclable. Even though boards that are laminated, wax coated or those treated with wet strength are difficult to recycle. Clean cardboards those that are not coated with chemicals are easily recycled and good to use again. They can be used for industrial and domestic use.

Corrugated Cardboards
Corrugated cardboards is a very famous packing material used by a number of brands and industries. Due to the way it is constructed it can carry avoid range of products of various weights and the product inside can be protected against moisture and external environment. It is a sustainable solution to carry things here and there. Cardboards are very cost effective. Corrugated cardboards are made up of arched paper known as fluting. It is a high tech solution that uses advance computer designs.

Uses of Cardboards
Generally, we think that cardboard boxes are only for moving purposes but no, there is more. Cardboard boxes come in different shape and sizes that can be decorated for different events such as Christmas. They can be formed as pillow and gift boxes. They can also be used as temporary drawers until we can afford a real dresser. Even protestors use cheap and sustainable cardboard boxes to paint their slogan and messages. One of the great qualities of cardboard containers is that they can have partitions or dividers to keep the fragile things together but still not touching each other or getting damaged. Not to forget we all use cardboard boxes when moving houses, they can easily contain things that we don’t want to rap into a proper packing but still want to move safely.