Corrugated Cardboards

We all take cardboards for granted unless we need them the most. They are may be the most creative product around. They are useful for industrial as well as DIY purposes. It is, in fact, one of the most widely used product in the DIY creations.  Cardboard is a generic term that is used for a number of heavy-duty paper-based products which have greater thickness and durability than the normal paper. It is less foldable, more rigid and impact resistant. Even though it is not thought to be very valuable but it has several uses due to its thickness and durability. Before the cardboards, wooden crates were the means of transporting material from one place to another. Those wooden crates were expensive to be utilized on a large scale.

Corrugated Cardboards
Corrugated cardboards is a very famous packing material used by a number of brands and industries. Due to the way it is constructed it can carry avoid range of products of various weights and the product inside can be protected against moisture and external environment. It is a sustainable solution to carry things here and there. Cardboards are very cost effective. Corrugated cardboards are made up of arched paper known as fluting. It is a high tech solution that uses advance computer designs. It is made on flute lamination machines or corrugators that is used in the manufacture of shipping containers and corrugated boxes. The thickness is generally more than 0.01 inches.

Properties of Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated board has many properties that make them more desirable. They are resistant to edge crush and they have a high burst strength. They are also very resistant to the flat crush test. They have a high bending and impact resistance. Along with this they have enough cushioning and shock absorption. They have highly directional properties.

Recycling Corrugated Cardboards
Old corrugated boxes can be easily recycled into different shapes and forms. Its fibre is excellent for recycling. It can be compressed and baled for cost effective transport. To clean these boxes these are put in to warm water for cleaning and processing. The pulp slurry is then used to make newspaper and fibre products. Several technologies are available to process the old and worn out cardboards. They can be sorted, filtered and chemically treated to be recycled. Materials such as wax coating and adhesives are difficult to remove and can destroy the cardboard during the recycling process.

Customised Corrugated Cardboards
Due to the thickness of the cardboards it can become a perfect fit for any product. Corrugated cardboards can have different types of coatings and adhesives that can make it flame resistant. They can be folded into different shapes and different types of motifs can be printed on them which make them even more customisable

Uses of Cardboards
Generally, we think that cardboard boxes are only for moving purposes but no, there is more. Cardboard boxes come in different shape and sizes that can be decorated for different events such as Christmas. They can be formed as pillow and gift boxes. They can also be used as temporary drawers until we can afford a real dresser. Even protestors use cheap and sustainable cardboard boxes to paint their slogan and messages. One of the great qualities of cardboard containers is that they can have partitions or dividers to keep the fragile things together but still not touching each other or getting damaged. Not to forget we all use cardboard boxes when moving houses, they can easily contain things that we don’t want to rap into a proper packing but still want to move safely.