Different Uses Of Cardboards

We have been hearing this term since at least 1848. It was mentioned in Anne Bronte`s novel the tenant of wildfell hall. The kellog brothers used paper board cartons to contain their flaked corn cereal when they started marketing their product for the first time. The boxes were wax sealed and had a printed brand name on them. American packaging industry exceled while using the fibre shipping containers particularly paper milk carton. It took a few years until the first cardboard producing machine was produced that created corrugated cardboards. In 1890 there came a huge innovation and the pieces of board were folded into boxes. By 1895 corrugated cardboards started travelling all around the world originating from America.

Types of cardboards
Cardboard is a very general term used for various types of paper boards for example: –

  • Container board, used for producing fibre board.
  • Folding box board, made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.
  • Solid unbleached board, made up of unbleached chemical pulp.
  • Solid bleached board, made up of bleached chemical pulp that contains minerals and synthetic pigments.

Cardboard boxes can be easily converted to other useful stuff with very less effort and additional resources.

Cardboards can be easily converted into post cards by simple cutting. People like to get such lovely things in mails.
Cardboards can be easily converted into boxes that can be decorated at the outside and the inside is lined with a paper bag. The paper bag can be filled with soil and it can be used as pots for plantation. Cardboard is biodegradable and it can also kill weed.
All the games that are played on boards can be made by using a cardboard. The cardboard has to be cut into different shapes according to the game and the particulars of the game can be painted on the piece of the cardboard.

Cardboard boxes are very useful when they are being used for the storage purposes.  A simple wrapping paper is required to make the boxes presentable and a lot of things in the house can be stored in the containers. They can be painted to get the desired result.  A leather strap over the top makes it easier to carry the boxes here and there. Along with this cereal boxes are excellent for being used as magazine holders. With a little decoration these boxes look beautiful when places in the house.

Play and pet friendly
These cardboards can form a very healthy activity for the kids.  Just tape same heighted cardboard pieces with each other and form a maze in which the kids can play for hours and hours without disturbing the parents. They can also be used to play kitchens, trains, cars and dollhouses. One can also form a simple structure by rolling these cardboard boxes to attract the pets so that they stop attacking the walls and the furniture of the house.
Gift boxes
Gifts have a very special place in lives. It creates a goodwill feeling among people. Gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Gift is universal way to show gratitude, interest and strengthen bond among other. With all of these choices available to everyone though, a lot of people tend to find it difficult coming up with the best gift ideas. . It is difficult to strike a balance between a gift that is stunningly memorable, but also practical at the same time. Cardboards can be converted into DIY gift boxes that can be filled with anything of choice and present to others.