Decorative Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a generic term that is used for a number of heavy duty paper based products which have greater thickness and durability than the normal paper. It is less foldable, more rigid and impact resistant. Even though it is not thought to be very valuable but it has several uses due to its thickness and durability. Before the cardboards, wooden crates were the means of transporting material from one place to another.

Those wooden crates were expensive to be utilised on a large scale. Corrugated board has many properties that make them more desirable. They are resistant to edge crush and they have a high burst strength. They are also very resistant to the flat crush test. They have a high bending and impact resistance. Along with this they have enough cushioning and shock absorption. They have highly directional properties. Making handmade decorative cardboard boxes is very easy.

To make decorative cardboard boxes at home we need some simple resources such as a wrapping paper of your choice and style, tape, clear plastic tape, scissor and ruler. These things are easily found at home. No need to go to the market specially to buy these.
Measure the top and bottom of the box according to the wanted size of the box. Cut a piece of the selected wrapping paper one inch wider by the original size of the sides. Fold down the top as well as the bottom edges of the paper.

Apply tape on the bottom and top portion of the wrapping paper edges. Make sure that least amount of tape is used to stick the wrapping paper. By this the box will look more stylish.
After using the wrapping paper and taping all the sides of the box, overlap the wrapping paper and fold and tape it. Taping can be done from the top or the bottom.  Do it cleanly so that it does look like it is hand made.
To make different types of boxes, different types of wrapping papers are required. A solid colour wrapping paper is recommended that has some pattern on it as well. The bottom of the box and the lid should be in combination with each other so they look stylish. For the top of the box the wrapping paper should be cut an extra inch around the outside of the box. The box lid will have ends folded over like when wrapping a present. The folded sides will use a diagonal crease from the top to the bottom.

Final preparation of the gift
Once the outside of the box is prepared beautifully, comes the turn of the inside of the box. Choose something attractive and useful to gift to someone. There are a number of options like candies, chocolates and pictures etc. Use a ribbon to decorate the lid of the box. For additional decoration one can use decorative mirrors or other crafts that you like. Colored candles cam also be used to decorate gift boxes that need to be presented on occasions like valentine’s day or birthday. These boxes can be used for personal use as well. They can be used to store different types of things such as receipts, jewelry and cosmetics etc. Such decorated boxes look amazing on the tables and shelves at home.

Cardboard boxes are very useful and environment friendly as they can be recycled easily. They are a perfect combination with the GO GREEN campaign that help keep the environment free of pollution and helps in preventing global warming.