Moving Day Tips: Cardboard Vs Plastic Boxes

Figuring out whether you need cardboard or plastic boxes is definitely the make or break of the move.  It honestly also depends on when, how, or where you’re moving.  You should always consider the distance of the move itself, and the environment that you’re moving into.  If you’re considering the best types of boxes for the move, you should consider consulting a professional organizer, but here are a few tips to help.

The first is consider how far you’re moving.  If the move is short and easy, the cardboard boxes are the way to go. they’re also simple to find, cheap, and very easy to recycle.  Heavy duty boxes usually are used as well, since they’re the same size and can be stacked.  For a longer move, the plastic adds more protection, but they cost more, and you’ll have to hold onto this since they can’t be broken down later on. Cardboard is the easiest way, and it’s also more lightweight, and if you’re using movers, you’ll definitely benefit from this.

Then, you should also determine how long it’ll hold your stuff. If you’re storing your stuff in the garage for a bit, plastic bins are better, since they’re safer, better for stacking, and way more stable.

If you use shelves to organize this, it also keeps it off the floor. Plastic also holds for a long time.

But, if you don’t have storage space in your home, pack what you need to within cardboard, and choose plastic for belongings to store, since some are more important for others.  Glass, for example, should e in a plastic box, since they won’t’ get crushed.

You should also take into consideration where it will be stored.  Muggy and wet environments are terrible for cardboard boxes, but in plastic, it can trap moisture. However, you can use plastic boxes with locked lids in order to store in attics and basements, places where they can be cold and may be home to bugs.  Plastic totes keep everything out of there, which is an issue many deal with. If you’re moving into a temperate or dry climate though, you can use plastic boxes.

Cardboard is more economical of a choice, and heavy-duty boxes can be used many times.  You should avoid labeling however if you want to reuse them or give it to others that are moving.  You can use post-its, or even plastic sleeves to know what’s there. Color coding them is also a good way to pack where you need to put everything.

So there you have it, the tried and true question: plastic or cardboard boxes.