Fun Ideas to Use Cardboard For

Sometimes if you have a lot of items around that are begging to be thrown away, you probably would wonder if there are other ways to use them. Repurposing old items are actually great since they allow you to create amazing things out of ordinary items. Cardboard boxes are a perfect example, since they usually are just sitting in the corner, and instead of relegating them to storage, you can actually get crafty and use these with kids.  Here are a few artsy projects you can use cardboard for.

The first is the cardboard house. Those never get old.  You will need furniture boxes or appliance boxes that are big enough for a kid to inhabit, but it is great for them to really play around and imagine things.

You don’t even need to just draw on them from the outside, but instead, cut out square holes, make a door with a door cutout, and paint the entire thing to make it more imaginative for children.  Brown cardboard houses are boring, and color can spice it up.  You can even throw a carpet in there for your kids.

Then there is a diorama, which is often a popular elementary school art project but is fun for kids.

Many times, old shoeboxes are great for small dioramas, but if you have big ones, they’re perfect for school projects.  The thing about them is that you will have to get creative with other items since a diorama made of cardboard isn’t that interesting.  You can use cotton balls, sticks, leaves, or even just items from the local craft store and it will allow you to get your creative juices flowing, especially when it comes to the weird things around the house, and what you can do with them.

The key thing here s to be creative, and while these two ideas are great, to begin with, there is so much that you can do with it.  Since boxes are a commonplace item, you can extend it as far as you can to other everyday objects, and it will really make the most out of your art project. The best part is that this doesn’t have to be expensive. In some cases, it can be free, or pretty cheap if you need to buy items, and it’s quite nice if you’re looking to create a great project for your kids.