Cardboard Gift Box

Did you know that you can make a cardboard gift box out of one singular piece of cardboard? They’re super easy to make, and they look amazing. You first need an A4 piece of cardboard, and from there, draw a line across the bottom with a ruler and a pencil. From there, do it on the two shorter sides fo this. You then fold the card over these lines.

Then you connect it by folding the one side of the folded cardboard over to the edge of the other piece of folded cardboard and make sure a fold line is created.

You then repeat this on the other side. You should then have four fold lines, two in the middle and on the sides.

You then repeat this on the longer sides with the lines. You can also draw out the middle lines. From there, you cut the short lines all the way to the line that’s on the width.

You then bend the tabs, put some glue on there, and from there, you start to glue up the sides of this and hold it together. you’ll start to realize that this looks like a box.

You then do this with the lid and repeat this.

If needed, get some binder clips to hold this down to dry. When done, remove it, and from there, you will have a finished box.

it’s so easy to make, and you’ll definitely be amazed by this.

With a patterned box, you can use two different sides of paper, and from there, use a pen to delineate the lines better. With this, you essentially do the same thing again, bend the tops again with the folding mentioned before, and then glue it all down and let it dry just like before. With a patterned box, if you don’t want the pencil marks, you can do it very lightly with a pen if needed.

The cool thing with this is that you can make this with virtually any size that you want to make it. You can make huge boxes, and you can do it with tiny ones. The way that you do it, is essentially trim off each of the sides, and you’ll have a much smaller way of working with this. It might be good for tiny little presents, and you can make it out of old cardstock that you have. They’re perfect for little gift boxes, and if you want to give a friend a candy box, this is ultimately the way to go.

There are so many different ways to use these boxes, and you can make anything from a piece of cardstock. You can do this and fill it with small figurines, candy, and the like. With the holidays coming up, if you feel stumped on what to get for someone, this can be the perfect item for them, and you’ll make someone feel great as a result of this, and they will love everything about this little gift.