New Changes for Packaging for 2019

With the new year coming close, you may wonder what some of the new trends you can take in the realm of shipment packaging and cardboard boxes. Here are some fun trends that you should consider for your packaging in the upcoming year.

First, consider coral color. Yes, pink is in, and it actually is a super popular color for boxes and something you should consider.  Why is that? Well, it actually symbolizes the need for optimism, and also joyful pursuits, which is ideal for packaging because it creates a welcoming and affirming shade that is inviting to the touch.  Even just adding a little bit of coral to your shipments will bring those good vibes customers enjoy.

Even if you don’t like coral, consider maybe adding some pink to your packaging, since it does allow for more intuitive, and a much prettier way of packaging your favorite boxes.

Next, go green! Customers want to consider the size of the carbon footprint that they’re making. You can reduce this by reducing the number of materials that you need to use when you ship and package.  A couple of trends to consider, of course, are to not used oversized boxes, and use recycled materials whenever you can for this. It does make a difference and it can ultimately help you create a great and really immersive action for your customer base.

Finally, build anticipation. This is actually something that you should consider doing.  This was started by unboxers, who used to unbox items on youtube and stuff, but it actually relates to the experience the customer gets, from the purchase to the unboxing and delivery.  This is actually a huge part of e-commerce businesses. Do you know why? It allows for the person to have a really awesome experience, and it ultimately can help with the way you’re able to create a wonderful sort of situation for this. You can get creative with interior and exterior custom printing, cardboard boxes, packaging tape that’s branded, and even colored crinkle paper and personalized notes. Get creative, because you never know, you may get to have your box featured on an unboxing video in this next coming year.

These trends are something that you should consider if you’re thinking about going into the realm of packaging, and to really create an impact for your customers. Now, that isn’t to say you should get rid of some of the previous trends, but ultimately, if you’re ready to truly master this, you’ll be able to do so with the tips that are listed here, and over time, you can also create an awesome result from this, and create a beautiful result from everything that happens as well. Take some time to learn the trends, for it can make a difference in the future packaging that you do, and also how people regard your business in the upcoming year in terms of service, and the shipment that you decide to do.