How to Think Outside the Box with Packaging

Corrugated boxes are probably amongst the top packaging tools that you can get for large and small businesses, and or a good reason, in that they are light, cheap, and super durable, and can even be custom-cut into smaller sizes at a smaller cost, and with affordable printing technology, you can get businesses to make over these boxes into something that’s creative, catches the eye, and even to help market your items. But, the thing is, you also need to make sure that you focus on the inside as well, since the place it’s supposed to go to is obviously, the customer’s doorstep, so you need to think about what’s inside the box as well as the outside.  The best custom shipment packaging wouldn’t be worth jack if the products arrived in a shoddy manner. Just look at unboxing videoes, since you can see right there that they need to have a good packaging inside to make sure that everything stays nice and secure.

Custom foam packaging is great because they’re cheap, are easily torn for fitting and moving around boxes, and fit into virtually any box.

Bubble cushioning is another great one. You can get it in three different sizes usually, and by getting some that are super durable nylon, it also won’t’ pop when pressure is applied.

Kraft paper sheets are also effective for wrapping products or filling the space to prevent shifting.  they’re usually made from 100% recyclable materials and are biodegradable naturally.

Finally, if you don’t feel like spending a whole bunch of money on shipping filler, you can literally just use unprinted newsprint. If you’re just shipping to friends, sometimes you can use printed, but the unprinted allows for a nice and professional look to it.  it’s actually ideal for wrapping and filling too, since it fits so well, is cheap, and it gets the job done. If you’re wondering what is the best, this is arguably it, since it can ultimately take care of and really make the products that you’re shipping out as good as they can be.

The one downside to the last one is that if you do use printed paper, make sure that it doesn’t get ink on the items.  The unprinted allows for no ink, so there isn’t a mess, but if costs are something that you’re worried about, consider this option. But of course, you can figure out for yourself what works the best based on all of this quite easily, and you can determine what type of filler you want to use.

Remember, the inside in many cases is just as important as the outside of the packages, and in truth, you’ll be able to really get the most from this if you do have something to protect your items. The box is good, but the filler is an added touch that you shouldn’t skimp out on, especially if you want to have a secure and safe product too.