The retail Packaging Problem

There are so many people using retail and packaging today, and many people don’t even realize what they’re doing has an impact on people. Retail packaging allows for you to get many different items, but the problem is, many times it’s not really helping the environment, and instead is creating a waste.

We are drowning in a sea of waste, and e-commerce, while it is becoming bigger than ever, is creating this issue, and is causing goods to not be shipped in bulk in many cases. However, being able to optimize for the e-commerce world is something that many companies are striving to have, since it can help those who are buying get their packages done, all without sacrificing what the environment is dealing with, and instead creating not as bad of an impact on the environment as well.

Retailers want the goods to arrive in good condition, which is what results in overpackaging, since boxes are dropped a lot, and that’s a reason why a lot of small packages are packaged in a box that’s filled with “airbags” but the problem is that it creates wasted space and other issues for retailers.

But, retailers and shoppers are waking up to this, and there are ways people are using cardboard boxes in a more efficient manner. Amazon actually has a “frustration-free packaging program” that has the end goal of making sure that there is less wrapping on items, and also to reduce the waste. They don’t’ use those packaged air unless it’s needed, and usually, they tend to use cardboard boxes that are better for the ecosystem. Many other companies are shipping stuff in envelopes for smaller shipments, and there are various items that are introduced to ship products, which in turn will make sure that the products are placed in the original packaging, rather than having to double up.

Amazon is asking for “packaging feedback” once they ship items, and if there is a comment about how it is too much, there is a chance that Amazon will stop that from happening. Amazon has cut over a quarter of a million tons of packaging and in a sense, they’ve created better cardboard boxes that have helped with impacting the environment, and also have prevented them from having to use huge packaging all the time, so they are trying, and they are attempting to ensure that items are coming in a better, more impactful condition.

The nice part about this is that more and more people are taking it upon themselves to improve their packaging, and in turn, you’ll be able to have a more impactful, and better result from this. Packaging is something that you do need to consider, and with tons of it being thrown away and tossed asunder like it’s nothing, it’s imperative that you do take the time to ensure that you’re packing your items effectively, and without having to waste more energy and boxes in the future for packaging as well