Are cardboard boxes the future of the packing industry?

Shopping online usually involves getting products in cardboard boxes, and they are used for mailing and delivery and is one of the main packaging industry trends. But, it actually wasn’t always like that. A few years back, there wasn’t emphasis put on that, and if there weren’t regulations, most of them were heavy industries, and there wasn’t really any concern about packaging, since cardboard boxes weren’t really used, and many times, they would use plastic containers or packages. That’s because, plastic was cheap, and it continued to be super popular, but then, it actually created a huge impact, since just one company was using 3500 tons of plastic bags for the customers each year, and lead chains would do this. But, the thing about this, is that plastic doesn’t break down, and it’s not good for the environment, so it creates a huge impact and issue on the ecosystem.

Modern businesses have learned that plastic doesn’t’ help the environment, and it also hurts the brand, since customers do become more aware of the changes in the environment, and they expect companies to do the same. Recycled cardboard was the best solution after a while since the industry researchers tend to realize that cardboard would cause the packaging to be a marginal answer, and that’s because natural cartons are more “alive” since they can be produced from waste, and it makes it eco-friendly.

Many companies have taken it upon themselves to not even use plastic, and some companies even impose a tax on plastic bags, and it actually has caused the levels of this to drop in other countries too. Many countries have started to look at “smarter” solutions for their packaging, and that turned out to be boxes.

Cardboard is a great one since you can put a label on it, it’s cheap, and it allows for it to be broken down and recycled when done. Plastic is actually not that good, and it’s a packaging disappointment. That’s why subscription boxes use cardboard, and why Amazon uses boxes. There isn’t the loss of brand awareness, and the costs aren’t much higher, and it attracts more customers, and you can print the brand on these as well, and you can even get them in colors. It will cut down plastic use, and it does create a positive brand image.

The dark days of using plastic all the time, creating countless waste, and harming the environment are over. There is more care, responsibility, and use of cardboard boxes.

Simply put, if you are an entrepreneur, have a big company, or even a small business, you need to get on this train since other companies will judge you the moment they see your product packaging. So next time you do plan the delivery of a product, you should consider doing this instead, and getting a cardboard box, since it is not only cheaper, but it makes you look better on the online landscape as well.