The Benefits of Cardboard Boxes for Wholesale Shipping

Cardboard boxes are often used for delivering packages, or moving, but did you know they could be used for wholesale shipping as well? Here, we’ll tell you the benefits of cardboard boxes when it comes to wholesale shipping, and why it matters for you to have these.

First and foremost, is they’re cheap. These cardboard boxes can fit a lot of items into them in bulk, so you can ship out everything in one fell swoop. This saves you a ton on shipping, and if you’re looking to really benefit, they often do have flat rate boxes, which makes the job even easier. It does play an impactful role on the overall future of a business because people don’t have to spend extra money shipping items out when you literally can just put it all in one box and go from there. This is good if you’re shipping a lot, whether it be packaging items or a singular item, to one single retailer.

Then, there’s the fact that they’re strong. Cardboard boxes are so much stronger than the cheap plastic items, which means you can load these bad boys up, and they won’t be impacted too much. I will say, don’t overpack these, since they can be a bit heavy for a single person, but if you have a ton of items, and you want to get them out to everyone right away, you as a wholesaler can really benefit from this, since they are very easy to pack, can hold a ton, and are durable. If you get them with the right packaging, you’ll be able to make them even stronger, so they won’t break or budge. Plus, they actually can withstand flying, driving, or whatever, which makes it super convenient.

Finally, they’re better for the environment. Now, you may not be thinking about going green at the time of reading this, but it certainly plays a major role in the future of your business. You’d be surprised at the fact that a business can create a good or bad brand image based on whether or not they have good packaging. People are so much more environmentally conscious these days, which is good for businesses, but if you’re worried about whether or not this can impact the business, the answer is yes you can, and as a wholesale retailer, this can impact you. Small businesses, in particular, are affected by this, so instead of just using the same plastic packaging everyone does, consider using cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are important for retailers, especially wholesalers since you’re getting a lot of product out to others. If you’re smart about the way you handle this, you’ll realize that you’re making a great impact just by making a few changes here and there, and cardboard boxes are a great way to make changes that can ultimately work for you too. If you’re looking to change the landscape, you can do so with the use of cardboard boxes.