Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are used to typically store items, and small cardboard boxes are usually good for shipping and storing small breakables. But, what if you’ve got a bunch of extra little boxes lying about? Can you use these to create some fun DIY projects for you or your child? The answer is yes, you totally can, and there are many uses for these cardboard boxes that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the key uses for this, and some cool projects you can enjoy with your kids.

First, you can use some DIY apartment numbers, and if you live on one of these, you can use this for your door. You shouldn’t use these for houses since they don’t hold up well, but using this for apartments will make it look really elegant. To make this, you cut the cardboard into a square, and then add the numbers that you print, or even just freehand them. I do suggest then covering it with something that will hold it well.

Then there are storage totes that you can use with belts. Essentially, you take the cardboard, cut it into a box, and use the belts as a handle on there. You can then glue these down, spray paint them whatever color, and add decorations. You can use fabric to cover these boxes too, and they’re perfect if you’re looking to organize any supplies from magazines to toys to virtually anything. It’s a great use for formerly cardboard boxes.

Then there are cardboard photo frames, which create a cool and custom decoration that you’ll enjoy. They’re not just good gifts for others, they’re perfect for your home too, and since they are made from cardboard that’s recycled, they’re cheap, and made in a design that folds, so you can use it for pictures to display. Though, I do suggest keeping these away from the fireplaces, since cardboard is flammable. You can cut out two rectangles, two frames, and then 2 other U shapes and two sets of smaller frames, glue this mostly together, and then put a picture in. It saves you a lot of money.

Finally, if you have many small cardboard box trays, you can create a decoupage tray for this. What you do, is you create the walls out of small cardboard boxes, and then the base, covering them in the decoupage afterward, or any sort of printing. These are very versatile trays that go from anything from jewelry to anything you feel you want to store. You can make this completely out of upcycled cardboard. Some like to use fabric, scrapbook paper, and other types of wares in order to decorate it, which in turn can make it look even more amazing than ever before.

Cardboard boxes are great because they’re not just good for storage, but for other projects as well. If you’re looking to create a better project for yourself, you can, and you can do this with these.