Tips for Sealing Boxes

Closing a cardboard box isn’t too hard, but making sure that it stays in the same way you want it to can be a little bit cumbersome.  Here are some tips to help you create the best experience that you can with your boxes, and how to seal them effectively.

First, buy quality boxes and tape that’s strong.  You want to make sure that your small cardboard boxes are in a small pack, and you should get quality adhesive tape that’s either in a brown or buff color or even clear if you want that.

Next, close your small ends first.  The small ends will form the bottom of the box, and then the larger box. don’t interlock the flaps on the bottom, because that will weaken the strength of your box, and that’s no fun.

When sealing this, you should use the H sealing method at all times, regardless of where your small cardboard boxes are going. Put the tape across the joined ends of the box, creating the H shape, and then sealing the boxes at the respective end. 

You can use multiple layers of this, but if it doesn’t need that, then you should be fine. I do suggest taping the bottom parts of the box with a little bit more if needed because that is sometimes a problem when you’re putting boxes together. This is a big thing, and if you’re looking to keep everything nice and tight, now is the way to do it.

Next, use void fill. Fill in every single space of the small cardboard boxes with the fill product, such as bubble wrap or polystyrene packing chips or air pillows, since this will cushion the contents, protecting everything on the journey to the customer themselves, and preventing the item from moving around. By following this, you’ll be able to prevent your items from being jarred too much, and whether you’re using your small cardboard boxes for sealing the items that you need for either moving or travel will prevent them from getting hurt. Lots of times, the reasons why people end up with messed up boxes after they transport items, is simply because they didn’t pack their items right.  Packing their items can make or break a product, and often, there are times when you may have the perfect packaging, but it’s not the case. With the right packaging, and packing, you’ll be able to prevent items from getting jarred or hurt in transport, and in turn, you’ll be able to keep the boxes nice, and their integrity in place. Packing them efficiently doesn’t need to be too hard, but if you want to seal them so that nothing gets hurt, and the box is kept in top shape, then this is the way to do it, and it’s something that, with the right actions and the right steps, can help you if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in the best and most rewarding packaging that is possible.