What is the Best Way to Tape a Cardboard Box

When you’re looking to tape a box, whether it be to pack items, or to store the items somewhere, one big part of this, is to figure out where the tape goes. Why is that? Well, if you put it in the wrong location, it won’t’ really have a good result on your packing experience, and you’ll want to make sure that you tape it so that the items stay secure. 

If you’re taping the main opening shut, you may wonder how you do it, since usually the one piece of tape that is put on top is to close.  Going perpendicular won’t really help the box, but instead, you actually want to look at every single opening that’s there on the bottom.

If you turn a box over and see the different lines to connect each flap of the box, you’ll wonder where you should begin. The answer is to go along across all of the bottom parts of the box, taping each part of this together.  This shouldn’t take too long, but if you want to prevent the box from breaking, you want to do this. 

When it comes to the top of the box, you’ll want to work with just the opening, but putting it along the side also is a good idea, especially if this box is going to be stuffed with many items, and is prone to breakage.  If your box has handles, this might make it easier for you to move it as well, and all the more reason to use a lot of tape in order to create this.

With this, you should never interlock the flaps, since this actually does reduce the strength of this.  The quickest and simplest way to do this is through a handheld tape dispenser, which applies the tape to the box to reduce the tape waste.  If you want to provide more protection and ensure the flaps of the box are put together, you can actually put it into an H, hence why it’s called the H method to tape up boxes.  The H method also will showcase all means of tampering with boxes, so if you’re shipping items in small cardboard boxes, you can use this, and from there, you’ll be able to see whether or not it’s a quality sort of packaging, or if there was something wrong.  The edges should always be sealed with an overhang of tape, and have it on the side of the box.

With this, you should be able to create a secure, and useful means to help pack your items. When it comes to packing boxes, you should always work on trying to improve your packaging, since all too often, this can affect in the case of trying to ship items the box itself, and it could potentially break items.  Knowing how to tape the items is important, and it can really help you with packing as well too.