Tips for Business Packaging

When choosing to package products, there are a few things that you can do, some things, if you know how to do them, can ultimately help you. Here are some tips to really make this shine, and for it to work.

First, think within the box. The boxes that you’re going to use for a product might seem like you’re just throwing items in there, but the truth is, you need to focus on presentation. Poor packaging and bad small cardboard boxes make your company look really cheap, and it doesn’t protect the items, which leaves room for disputes from customers who are upset. Cardboard boxes are still the most popular way to ship anything that doesn’t fit into an envelope, and it is really super convenient at a good price. They’re easy, and recyclable material, so you can hit on the point of being green, which is crucial for some people. Plus, it is definitely good if you’re shipping within the US. I don’t suggest internally for cardboard boxes though, because it’s rarely worth it. You should use small cardboard boxes for pretty much any shipping that you have though, and only use plastic if it’s international.

Choosing the right box does take some thought, and size is a big part of it. Typically, they come in many different sizes, and you can choose what you want based on the corrugated cardboard layers that make up the walls.

Many choose the single wall option since they’re cheap and light, but they don’t support heavy products. Before you begin, I suggest asking for samples. Double wall gives more protection, but they’re heavier and can cost more.

top view of autumn gift boxes with handcrafted paper leaves and rope isolated on beige

Now, if you’re just having a product be kept together, and you don’t have to worry too much about how fragile it is, then single wall is the way to go. If it’s a fragile product, you go double wall, since they can be good for lighter items, and are much more versatile.

Next, for small cardboard boxes, you want to consider thickness. Double wall costs a bit more because they have thicker walls, and because of this, they have more rigidity and resistance to the damage. If your product is easy to damage or has a lot of weight, then you should go double wall on this.

You can also get boxes that are personally designed for you too, and usually, for small cardboard boxes, this does fit the shipping and budget. You can do this if you want to make sure that people know of your brand, and you can also have the join that you want as well. Being able to customize boxes is good.

If you want to really create reliable shipping, think small cardboard boxes, because they’re ultimately the way to go. If you need a stronger fastening, get packing tape, and for a safer journey, you can add paper or bubble wrap. Regardless, do try to find the box that works for you and what will ship the product you have.