How to Personalize Your Small Cardboard Boxes for Branding

When it comes to branding, sometimes being personal on your boxes can make or break the repute that you have. People love it when they see something that is customized for them, and small cardboard boxes can be personalized in their own unique way.  Here, we’ll talk about some ways you can personalize these, and what you can do.

First, consider the type of box that you have. Is it colored? Does it have your brand logo on it? If not, this is a great place to start?  If you want to get word of mouth out about your brand, especially if you want people to acknowledge the boxes, then this is a good way. You can get custom boxes in bulk, and they have small cardboard boxes options or larger ones for bigger orders. This is a proven tactic that can be done if you need that little extra boost in your brand image. Plus, it just makes the product look better.

Within these boxes, put an insert in there. Inserts are great, especially if you personalize them, and you can create a template, print many of these, and if you want to give out custom codes for future sales, you can write that on there.  You can even get business cards printed in her,e or even postcards. This is a big trend, and it’s a very powerful way to increase the brand image of your product. If you don’t want to deal with trying to get too technical on this, throwing candy, a review request or even a sample can help.

If you’re a bit confused on what you want to do, you can actually print your own custom printed boxes. Sure, you can get these wholesale from a retailer, but you can get a custom stamp that’s pretty small, and while it isn’t free, you can stamp this on there to create a beautiful branding design. This is great if you already have small cardboard boxes, but you need that little extra touch to it.

Color also plays a part. Not just on the outside, but n the inside. Getting your boxes printed with a color that fits the brand makes a huge difference, and it can help to make boxes really stand out.

Finally, use unusual materials for your small cardboard boxes. Covering them in wallpaper, butcher paper, or even hiking maps can create a custom print for the box itself, and it is really great if you have this stuff just sitting around. I know that it can make a box look really enticing and beautiful if you try this method, and it does make a big difference.

Changing how your boxes look plays a major part in the future of packaging, and you can use these different ideas in order to make sure that you’re getting the best box that you can and a quality product that you and your customers will enjoy too.