When Were Cardboard Boxes invented

This is some item that we take for granted, and let’s be honest, shipping wouldn’t be the same without this.  How long have they been around though? Well, read on to find out.

The cardboard box was invented back in 1817 in England, and it was a simple paperboard that wasn’t corrugated, and it was essentially a box, and Kellog helped to popularize this by the mid-1800s.  There have been many different incarnations of this, and there are many different uses for this.

Corrugated paper was officially patented in 1856, but was used in a liner and hats for much longer. In fact, it’s been around since the beginning of existence. It wasn’t until 1871 that the corrugated cardboard box came in as one of the premier means of handling and shipping. It took three years for the first machine to create larger quantities of corrugated board to come into existence, and this, in turn, created the box that we know and use today.

1890 was another time period for innovation, especially cardboard boxes since the pre-cut cardboard boxes that were folded into such were actually invented at this time. Then by 1895, corrugated cardboard boxes then moved to shores, and it was produced in America for the first time ever.

So what was before the cardboard box? Well, wooden crates were the main means of moving items before the invention of the cardboard box. They were much more expensive, and on a grand scale were hard to replicate.  It definitely was not as easy as you might think.

Then, in recent years with the green movement, there has been a surge of using cardboard boxes.  You may realize over time that people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Well, thanks to boxes, that can be a thing.  You need boxes in order to move items from one way to another in a simple, yet cheap manner. it’s much cheaper to ship cardboard boxes than it is to use crates, and it’s honestly better for the environment.  you’d be amazed at the difference that this makes, and why you need to use a cardboard box for traveling and transporting different items. It makes a huge difference, and it can help with pushing items from one location to the next, in a way that’s effective and quite cheaper than you think.

Cardboard boxes are a necessity for people to move items from one locale to another. They are also important because they can be used for different items, whether it be moving items from one place to another, or even just storing juice boxes and the like. Cardboard boxes are the future, and if you need anything at all, you should consider using cardboard boxes in order t help satisfy both those packaging, storing and also the transporting needs. ti’s the most effective eway, and it’s one of the best means to help create the most informative and innovative means to help you move different items too.