How strong is a Cardboard Box

When choosing to ship and carry items, many use cardboard boxes since they’re lightweight, good for the environment, and are also cost-effective and can do a whole lot. But, how strong is a cardboard box.

Well, you’re about to find out.  Ehre, we’ll discuss how strong cardboard boxes are, and why they are important for being able to carry anything.

The truth is, they seem disproportionally strong, and many are able to hold up to anything from 30 to 80 pounds, depending on both size, and quality, but if you get a double-walled cardboard box, you can minimally put about 60 pounds in there, up to 150 pounds in item weight. that’s huge!

How does this work? Well, think about what they’re made out of. Cardboard is a single corrugated sheet, and a single wall one is made from kraft paper and glue, and three sheets are essentially stuck together with an adhesive fo cornstarch, and then folded into the shape of a box, and from there assembled.  This might seem so simple, but it allows for a strong container.

So, how does it get the strength that it does? The secret is the construction of it, which is easier to understand when you equate it to normal construction processes.  You can imagine something being created, right? With pillars, beams, and the like, you’ll notice that those tend to be much smaller than the rest of the building, but they are capable of adding valuable and necessary support to a structure that would otherwise collapse.  Those small parts are what keep it together.

The corrugated parts of this are what help with strength, and the middle, in turn, acts as atype of support that allows for strength to be utilized to the outer sheets as well. A standard steel i-beam, for example, is simple, but it has a design that allows for lots of support. The same is for cardboard.  The small corrugated areas are essentially tiny I-beams, and it works in the same way a bridge does, where it uses truss structure to bring more strength to both the interior and the exterior walls, so you’ll get double walled cardboard that’s much stronger than others.

Still though, every single piece of cardboard isn’t equal, and you have to remember that each have strength limits, but you don’t’ have to worry about overlifting boxes, since most of them have little content marks that show this, and you can even look at the box certificate score, which tells it how much weight can be held up and how much force in the edges, corners, and the like can stand before they’re crushed or given way.  Some might even have further information.

Cardboard boxes are strong for different reasons, and you read here why people consider these types of boxes when looking for something strong, and something that will allow you to do a whole lot with this, and provide much good for it too.