Cardboard Box Disadvantages

When we talk about cardboard boxes, lots of times we focus primarily on the advantages, such as they are made from renewable resources which can save trees, energy, are reusable, are easy to dispose of, they’re lightweight, and typically they save you a ton of money. they’re super strong too, and you can use them in moves, but also in promotion of your brand.  The problem is though, some people don’t know the disadvantages to cardboard boxes, and here, we’ll talk about three major factors that you’ll want to make sure you’re in the know on when it comes to cardboard boxes, and how you can help to adjust this for these disadvantages.

First, they aren’t good for heavy products.  Anything such as big dishwashers or appliances, or the like, will be a problem especially if you have only cardboard boxes. they’re very strong, yes but within reason. Sometimes, they’re not made for products hundreds of pounds, or even something that’s a little over 100 pounds.  You can get ones with multiple fibers though, and if you get those, they can actually provide a lot of advantages.  This is the best way for you to overcome this small hurdle.  Heavy products are typically something that a lot of users don’t’ even think about, and it’s very important that, when you’re getting a cardboard box for what you need it for, you take some time and make sure it’s fit for this.

They also are liable to get deformed. If there is extreme pressure, they are liable to do this. that’s because they can handle a lot, but only to a degree. If you’re moving for example, and you put one of these under something much heavier, well guess what, you’re going to have a deformed box. It isn’t necessarily something awful, just an annoyance that you probably would rather not deal with. The solution is always make sure that if you’re using this for moving, you put this in an area that’s based on the heaviness of the object. For packaging, always make sure that you add some extra safety nets, such as packing peanuts and plastic fillers, to help offset the impact in the event of being crushed.

Finally, since cardboard is biodegradable, it can degrade when it hits water. So, you may notice if it’s raining that the boxes become damp, and they weaken immensely.  What is the solution for this then? Well, it’s simple, wrap it in plastic. Plastic will help to get the water away from this, and it will help with preventing the water from getting to the box and ruining the contents. If you’re sending a package by boat for example, do consider wrapping it like this.  Air usually isn’t as bad, and same with car, and if you’re moving, do consider wrapping this if it may be out in the water for a while.

And there you have it, the three disadvantages and solutions to cardboard boxes that you should know.