How to Improve Your Unboxing Experience

For some people, unboxing packages might be a fad for those who are brand enthusiasts, but some influencers love this since the companies behind this deliver an amazing experience that is amazing. For most e-commerce companies, this is important because shelf-presence is an in-use strategy that many brick and mortar retailers may take advantage of. Online retailers need keyworded, organized, and designed products that will replace the shelf presence.

While shopping means differ, product packaging, cardboard boxes that are branded, and an unboxing experience are something that all stores share.  You will see that the e-commerce companies are growing every single year, and having the right packaging will help with unboxing experiences; so what are the best ways for you to be more proactive with this?

First, consider the product packaging and be more proactive. Shipping products that help keep the costs low for everyone are what helsp with an unboxing experience. While not many hands will touch this, the customer will definitely want something that doesn’t have errors to it. 

Proper product packaging with the right cardboard boxes is important.  You should design your product around the correct cardboard boxes to use to get rid of voids, and you should consider the packaging strength. While you might be tempted to ship delicate products in larger containers that have bubble wrap and other cushioning, this can eat at costs.  Corrugated boxes produce a lot of strength, and their footprint is smaller, and you can always test to see how you improve this.

Also, be responsible with this. This goes into the right packaging, for a poor packaging will make it worse if the product is returned in the same container, eliminating any chance of restoration and reselling. A focus on a great product packaging will help you not just deliver a killer unboxing experience but also helps to reduce the returns.  Recycling is critical too, which is why small cardboard boxes are another great one.

Finally, consider what your product packaging will tell others about the unboxing experience, and how it can impact the customer’s perception of what your brand is. For example, if you ship your brand in a container that’s corrugated with recyclable material, and you tell your customer about this, or even just communicating that you care about the products, you’ll have an edge over everyone that is there. 

This is a big thing, and if you do communicate with others, and tell them about this, then you’re going to build customer repute. People love it when brands communicate with them, and they love it when their small bit of packaging has meaning. So, don’t be afraid to use this, don’t’ be afraid to actually try to build brand awareness with these small additions, and you’ll see for yourself the difference that this makes, and how it can immensely impact the way your sales go not just for yourself, but for your business, and the overall success of it too.