Corrugated Box 101

You’ve probably been hearing all about corrugated boxes, and corrugated packaging. What is it? Why does it matter? Well, here are some important parts about this that can help you out. 

Understanding corrugated box, and why it matters is important, and here, we’ll dive into why that is, and some of the box types.

A corrugated box is often referred to as well, cardboard, and they are a paper-based and fluted display sheet and it also contains linerboard. Different types of this affect the durability, along with the strength that’s on the box itself.

First, you’ve got the single wall corrugated sheet, and this is used for material strength and durability, and the edge crush test usually helps you figure out if it can hold something. It can be anywhere from 23-56 ECT, and it’s light and weak, but it can hold at least 20 pounds usually in the minimum levels.

Then there are the double wall and triple wall options. Because there are at least two corrugated sheets at this point, the double and triple wall are, of course, the best in durability. But, it’s not as flexible, however, they are ideal for storage, shipping, and can withstand the wear and tear.  These usually rest between 40 and 85.  usually, they have corrugated sheets and inerboard facing, and usually, with the triple wall options, you get a much stronger hold due to the ply count on these.  The triple wall can hold up to 300 pounds, so if you’re packing a lot, this is the way to go.

you’ve been hearing about fluting, and fluting is essentially the boxing on these that strengthen the material in order to stack these and make it durable, and it can be used for graphics and printing. Fluting does come in different types that are unique in their own way.  There is A flute that’s used to stack, and B flute that’s incredibly strong.  The B flute is used for counter displays, canned food items, and some die-cut boxes. 

C flute is typically a thickness that is flexible and bendable, and it’s seen in shipping packages.  E flute is thin and not strong, sed for personal items and cosmetics.  Then there is F flute, which is very thin, and used for boxes that typically contain food and other display items, and overall it’s very lightweight compared to the other options

What type of packaging that you use is really just based on your own personal needs as a business. Some people like to use the triple or double walled boxes, others an get away with a single walled option. Whatever it might be, you can utilize this type of packaging to help you get the most from this and to help you master the boxes that you have right now. It can make a huge difference, and overall, you’ll be able to create a better packaging for your company so you can get the benefits that you need for shipping your products.