Different Ways to Repurpose cardboard Boxes

Now, if you’re a pack rat that just hates throwing things away, I feel you on that. Even if it’s trash, you’re faced with the dilemma that happens whenever you toss out items, especially when it’s something such as cardboard boxes which truth be told, do have endless potential. They are smooth, blank, and they come with a fully pliable surface, and you can easily repurpose these for a second life. Rather than leaving them behind, killing more trees or whatever, here are some ways you can enjoy cardboard boxes and repurpose them all year round.  These different crafting ideas are super easy, and you can even get your family involved.

First is a sequin letter garland.  Literally, it’s just cutting these out, putting glitter on them, and then there you go. If you don’t like the flashiness of flitter, then chances are, you can use moss or other earthly items to give that same vibe. It works so well

If you’re like me and hate having a separate organizer that you’ve got to pay a lot for, well, why not use cardboard. By making a box shape, gluing it, and cutting out small squares with an x-acto knife, you’ll be able to create the best catchall organizer for all of your personal items.  it’s a great way to really help you get the most out of all of your organizers and really become better at this.

If you have cardboard tubes just lying about. Cutting these out, and then gluing them together and then sticking them to the wall is a great way to hold items. Plus, what’s pretty amazing about this, is that they’re strong, meaning that you will be able to indeed hold all of the items that you hs=ave, and make it even easier for you.

Are you crafty? Well, how about taking that cardboard, cutting out design patterns, and creating a cardboard lantern. This can be a bit harder than some of the other options, but if you have good fingers that are known to craft, and you want to bring light and a better look to your home, then this is how.

In the same way, you can take cardboard, and some colored paper, and create some colored lanterns. Again, this is another harder project, but if you do have the artistic skill, this is actually one of the best ways to really get a use out of your boxes.

Finally, why not make new boxes out of old boxes? By repurposing your boxes to make them storage totes, you can make something out of these that are useful. If you don’t’ like the bland look of boxes, you can always paint them to decorate them too.

Boxes can be reused again and again, and here, we discussed the best ways to use them so that you can get the most out of this. Start to change your life together with these helpful boxes and you can create more.