The New Ships in Own Container Policy

For those who are sellers on Amazon, there is actually a new policy that’s called Ships in Own container, which means those vendors who ship with Amazon should be expected to pay more if their items are heavier, at least over 20 pounds, or bigger than 18x14x18 inches, and Amazon will need to bring out a protective overbox.  This is definitely a way to help with reducing waste, but it’s causing mixed results.  Last year, Amazon reduced the number of shipment sin boxes by replacing the boxes with plastic mailers, saving space and plane containment, and also helped reduce cardboard consumption, but the issue is that plastic mailers aren’t recyclable, but Amazon is working on this solution. Amazon is working to reduce the cardboard packaging that’s put out by people by at least 16 percent, and eliminated 305 million shipping boxes already, and it’s reduced it by almost 20% as well since 2018.

But what does this mean for you?  Should you be worried about this. Well, for Amazon consumers, you will want to make sure that you revisit your packaging, and make sure that the packaging does fit the shipping size, and if you need to use smaller boxes, you should do this. It is also important for you to choose packaging materials that will help with this.

You should look at the packaging design and figure out if it does reduce waste, or if it creates it. If it tends to create waste, you should start to figure out how to reduce this, and don’t ship a six-inch wide box for something that doesn’t need it.  You should make sure that you fit the shipment packages to the items, and err on the tighter side of things.

You should also, try to select materials that are good for the environment, and good for keeping items secure.  You should use pre-crumpled packing paper because that’s eco-friendly, affordable, and also effective for keeping everything protected.  Lots of retailers love this.  I suggest staying away from the plastic packaging for the obvious reason of well, it’s plastic, and that isn’t going to do you a whole bunch of good as well.

The biggest thing to take from this as a retailer is to look to see if you’re wasting packaging space. Chances are, you probably are doing it. I’m not saying make it so tight that one little jostle will shatter it, but if you don’t need to use a big box, then don’t use a big box for this. Instead, be smart with this, and make sure that you take the time necessary to figure out how you can reduce the impact on this.

If for some reason you do ship larger, try to use cardboard boxes that are recyclable. If you need to pay a fee, always factor that into everything, and choose your packaging wisely so that you can get the best that you can from the packaging you do too.