Tips for Recycling Shopping Materials

Online shopping is pretty great, because you can choose the items that you want, and within days you get a box on your doorstep.  There are usually other boxes and packaging for everything, arriving in a safe and comfortable manner.  You may feel a bit guilty about some of the packaging that’s stacked at the curbside during recycling day.  There are about 68% of people that feel this way, and many are becoming more and more conscious of the packaging materials and the design that is used in our packages today.  Internet shopping is taking over, and it’s not going to cut back anytime soon, but what that means for retailers is they need to be conscious about the waste and sustainability.

Shipment boxes are getting better, and you should choose recyclable cardboard boxes for your customers. This, in turn, will make it much easier for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

As always, start with the box.  You shouldn’t just do a box within a box unless you need that extra protection layer.  it’s old school and also kind of wasteful if you do it.  You should instead try to spruce this up with your logo, or your tagline to remember.  You should make sure the box fits the product, and you can get custom printing services for this.

You should always choose a box size that’s consistent with what you’re shipping it in. less air means less space for packaging waste, and fewer items to stack at the curb when it’s time to recycle. Custom boxes are an easy, and much more affordable choice for your packaging needs.

Finally, you should make sure that if you can handle it, do consider some cardboard boxes and other green products for this.  Make sure that the filling product in it is greener. Styrofoam cooler boxes are actually really good for this, and you won’t’ have to worry about the CFCs depleting the ozone in these. Pulp wine shippers can also be made with 99% recyclable material and make them biodegradable.

Whatever you can do with this, do also consider the inside of this as well. As a retailer, you want something that is good for protecting the box, but also something that you can use again and again, and as a sustainability to it that you can take advantage of as a retailer.

Remember, when you’re looking to help the environment, you need to look at your packaging as well. Packaging plays a major role in the way that your goods are shipped out and handled, and you want to make sure that, when you’re choosing the correct items for this, you pick something that will inevitably give you the help that you need in order to save the planet, one package at a time.  These are some changes that you can implement right away and ones that will help you get the most from this, and in turn, you’ll save the planet as well.