How to create Environmentally Conscious Packaging

With over 73% of millennial customers saying they’re willing to pay more for products from a brand that’s socially conscious, it’s no wonder that having a green focus is more important, and having sustainable packaging solutions is incredibly smart. Creating customized boxes that are good for the environment are actually possible, and here, we’ll talk about a few ideas that you can have to connect to more markets than ever.

First and foremost, make the packaging useful and sustainable. Choosing the right packaging that is eco-friendly from recycled materials will for one help with the impact, but you should also look at custom boxes since it takes the idea to the next level. You should also focus on the functionality of the packaging. For example, a flower shop can have folding cartons that turned into flowerpots for the homes for the plants themselves. You can also use packaging that folds into other products that help. Form and function create a tool that customers will love.  If you can create a cool design out of this, guess what users will do? they’ll take pics of them, upload it to social media, and you’ll definitely get some good customer engagement.

You can also have the packaging engage the customer, for example creating ethical products that highlight philanthropic sides of businesses, and you’ll definitely want to include that in the writing. This can be as small as a few stats about the cause of your business, and you should remember that with packaging, every blank space is real estate, and it can let you attract and connect with the customer.

You can even hold little essay contests in your business, and print the favorite ones on the inside and outside of the box, the ones that highlight the cause more. You should think about how this will affect the design, and you’ll want to make sure that the message and text are central-focused, so you should also consider minimalistic designing everywhere else if you choose this route.  You can also put the social media handles on the packaging so that customers know where they can find you, in order to learn how you’re working to fully represent their packaging.

This is a great way to change the way a box is going, and you’ll be able to show how important the environment is the brand.  You may not even realize how much of a change it makes initially, but focusing on the company and packaging as a brand is super important, and you can always get some custom boxes and you’ll definitely be happy with the custom shipping boxes, cartons, and the like.  you’ll be able to build your business, one box at a time, and from there, create the custom packaging that you feel is the best fit for you. It can change your life, and change the way your brand is regarded by others so that you can create an impact that works best for you as well.