Important Packaging Trends for 2019

Packaging in 2019 has never been better, and there are a few things that you should be watching out for.  Here are the top packaging trends for you to watch out for in 2019.

First and foremost, reduce, reuse, and finally recycle. This is because the idea of saving the environment and reducing waste has been a hot topic for many companies, especially in 2019.  recent research has sown that 2/3 of us recycle as often as we can, but we want to do more. Retailers and those who manufacture items can assist customers by providing good information on how to package, and also reduce the amount of packaging that they need for the product, use packaging that can be used again, and make packaging solutions that are recyclable, or even made from materials that are recycled.

Next, consider less is more.  Lots of products are overpacked, and that’s unnecessary waste, and customers don’t’ want that.  The public is worried about waste, and the impact that this has on the environment, and you can show customers the importance of your packaging, and you can always send your items in the correct packages. By using optimized designs, this prevents wastes, and looks better and helps you save material costs and charges fro the courier as well.

There is another trend that lots of packaging retailers have gotten onto, and that is automaton. Since labor is in short supply, this can be an option especially if you want to automate the process.  Let the machines do it, in order to help improve the consistency of this. There are many different options for automaton, depending on the needs and the budget, and you can automate everything from the bags, to boxes, to even the tape and cushioning, along with strapping and wrapping. This can be helpful for many retailers.

Another trend is the high street crisis, which is actually a big decline that’s happened since black Friday.  Retail sales have been at its lowest level, but you can prevent this from being a problem by making sure that your e-commerce stores are optimized in order to make sure that the products arrive with the customers in the ideal condition, in order to give them an unboxing experience that they’ll love. Packaging that’s simple to open, recycle, and use for returns will help, building a better community.

Finally, we’ve got eco-friendly packaging. This was kind of touched on before, but you should try to provide the solutions that is good for those customers who want something they can easily toss, and something that they can use as smoothly as they can, for it can make a big difference in the future of the product.

For many people, packaging trends are important, and there is a lot that you can do with this.  Do watch for these trends, and make them worth your while in the packaging industry. you’ll be amazed at the difference that this can make too.