Color in Packaging

According to the packaging digest, almost 85% of shoppers do say color is the reason why they will purchase a product, and 80% of shoppers say color increase their brand recognition. Colors evoke emotions, and it has a huge impact on the perception of the packaging in the colors, which is critical in purchasing decisions.

Blue, for example, represents cheer, honesty, and sincerity. Red represents the new, exciting, and the contemporary. Green represents imaginative, eco-friendly products, and organic too. Orange and yellow shows strong, rugged, cheerful, and optimistic. Purple represents unique, edgy, dependable, and high-end.  Pastels are also gaining a lot of popularity too, especially in packaging, and it does create a sense of calmness to the customers too.

One of the biggest trends and colors, however, is green, not just in the color sense, but the word too.  Green can take on multiple meanings, from environmental friendliness of the packaging, or even the contents, and people are definitely using this to help enhance their packaging as well. There is also the colors linked to flavors that are super popular. This is a common association, but it definitely helps to create a nice set of items that customers can pick up in order to make quick purchasing decisions and drive sales forward.

Finally, you’ve got color gradients that come forth and really stimulate the moods, including calmness, peace, and even excitement. 

Thes are all major trends that are being utilized in packaging.  Ug, there are more and more trends happening, including brighter hues being used for fruity items, earthy reds to communicate a more natural tone, and also more muted tones, making them not as bold and in your face.  It is definitely a major trend that plays a lot of roles in the color packaging.

It appeals to human emotions and the psyche. People don’t just like to see bland and boring colors on their items, but they want to see something that is pretty, that has value, and that really works for the item that they’re purchasing. That is important, especially as a manufacturer. That means that you shouldn’t neglect this, and you should make sure that you do consider this when creating items for people to purchase.

you only have a little bit of time in order to appeal to these people. They want certain items, so you need to make sure that you do take the time to effectively and without fail create the best product packaging that you can. And if nothing else, do consider color, and make sure that you consider all of these different options when choosing this.

Remember, color is just as important to appeal as other options, and you should take the time to effectively create the best type of packaging that you can.  you’ll be surprised by the way this is, and how things start to change over time. It can make your packaging impact the users even more, and it can do a lot too.