Should I get Double Wall boxes

Sometimes, choosing the right boxes for your packaging can be a little hard for you, and you may wonder if you should get single or double-walled boxes.  What is better for you? The answer is that it depends on the brand and the message you’re going for, and what your end-goal for it currently is.

Here’s the reality of it, you need to figure out what type of box you need for the long haul before you begin. That’s because the wrong box will come apart, and from there, it will impact the different way you’re handling your materials. The last thing a customer needs is for you to have a box that comes to them that falls apart.

Well, double wall boxes are much more rugged and studier than the singles. Lots of times, just like the single wall boxes, the doubles are made with fluted sheets that are pressed in place in between each sheet of paper, and both of these are made from different materials, including recycled paper, Kraft paper, or even the test paper that’s out there. the durability and strength of this is based on the size of the flutes, and the difference in each of these being in the type of fluted materials, with two of them being used rather than just one.  The double fluted nature of this means that there is more to this than what is in the single-walled types, which means it’s incredibly strong.

They are more expensive, and oftentimes, if you don’t need it for your budget, I honestly don’t suggest this.  If you need to not store an item for a long time, isn’t very heavy, or not very sensitive to temperature, then it’s not worth the box investment, and the cost. The single-walled ones typically get the job done, especially for packing and storing the lightweight goods that you need.

If you have a budget at the forefront as a concern, then yes, you’ll definitely want to use something that’s single-walled, especially if you need it.  The truth is, these double-wall boxes are wonderous for those that are heavier products and are wonderful if you’re going to be stacking these and transporting them a lot. If you’re someone in a warehouse that needs to get items out to others, then you should definitely consider these boxes, and they oftentimes they are better for those larger projects, and those that need stacking. If you’re going to be using these for high-impact work, then you definitely need to focus on double-walled boxes.

But for those of us who are more interested in just getting boxes on a budget, who want something that is a little easier and better for your own business, then you should definitely consider a dingle-walled option. There really isn’t a need for the latter, but if you’re planning to sell heavier items, it’s an option that should be considered, and something that’s available to you.