What’s an RSC box Vs. a Die-Cut Box

There are two types of corrugated boxes, the RSC, and the Die-Cut Box.  These are a bit strange and a little different, but here, we’ll tell you about the differences in each of these, and why they matter.

RSC stands for the words regular slotted container, it’s what most people picture when they imagine shipping boxes. The flaps will fold over one another, meet in the center, and are oftentimes taped shut, and they’re filled with padding, or packing peanuts in order to prevent products from sliding, and you can get these in many different sizes, including lengths, widths, and even depths in order to ensure you have boxes that work for the products.

These are often considered the packaging choice, since they’re a little more affordable than the other types of boxes, since they require a lot less cardboard and less tooling. They’re very easy to assemble, but oftentimes will require more tape to ensure they’re fully closed and stay closed during shipping. They’re also entirely made of cardboard and recycled materials, and oftentimes, these are the better option because companies are conscious about their imprint on the world with their goods.

In contrast, a die-cut box is a bit more customizable, and oftentimes, these are more focused in design, letting you create a more high-end and more brand-focused look to your design. They are also wondaful if you want to get creative. Of course, with creative licensing comes the higher cost, but you’re also taking packaging into the consideration as well, especially when planning the marketing budget, and in reality, these are the much more cost-effective type to use.

Die-cut boxes also have a lot of extra packaging on the walls as well, and that creates a double paneling.  From there, the boxes look more correct and at ease, and you won’t need to use as much tape as you would when you’re using an RSC box, meaning that you’re getting a better option for customers when these bad boys show up. They work well and are they are good for fragile items, and for companies that will ship on an international level, and of course are concerned about how long the shipping process is.

And there you have it. That’s literally all the difference there is. But of course, keep in mind that again, there are other factors that go into the choice too, such as maybe your budget, personal preference and options, so if you need any further help on boxes, you should continue to look through our blog and find out more about it.  Remember, boxes are awesome, and there are some pretty easy ways to figure out which is the right one for you, and you can determine this as well through the many uses of these, and the different options that these have to offer at the end of the day for not just you, but for your customer as well, to make it better.