Why do Boxes Open up During Transit

When it comes to packaging products, you want to make sure that you have the right security on your merchandise that you’re providing to others. That’s why some people complain about boxes when they open up drying transit. This can be mainly because of the type of tape that they’re using, and the way it’s secured to your cardboard box. The main issue was initially due to the weight because a lot of people believe that since the box is partially heavy they don’t need to add all that much.

That’s where the problem is. You want to start making the switch from a polypropylene type of packaging tape to the water-activated kind. There are many advantages to using this, and many people who use cardboard boxes have benefitted from this.

Water activated tape provides an integral closure to the item, so the tape will penetrate into the carbon fibers, creating a complete bond, and the penetration as well does add enough strength to the closure itself, especially when compared to packing tape. The water-activated tape also makes it tamper-evident, since the tape removal will damage the box because of the adhesion to it, unlike of course the standard tapes. It’s a good way to see whether or not someone got into the box, but it’s also so easy to remove that if you do need to remove it, it’s totally possible.

Sticky tape on the box

It’s also incredibly cost effective and recyclable. That’s because it’s totally recyclable. The renewable resources do take a part in this, making it an environmentally-friendly choice when choosing the right packaging. This type of tape is a very cost-effective way to seal your cartons and is cheaper and better than most of the packaging tape. Most of these come in length rolls too, resulting in less downtime, and more productivity, and a reduction in the operator fatigue that’s there.

So yes, you can use this as well because it is temperature tolerant. Even in places where extreme temperature variants happen, and humidity will happen, the seal on this tape is better. So, with the summers only getting hotter and more humid, you don’t have to worry about this potentially ruining your own experience. You also will notice too that it’s resistant to aging, so if you’re using this tape with the purpose of long-term storage options, then you’ll definitely be happy with this, and be able to, with everything that’s there, understand and embrace the different types of tape that you have.

You can use this type of tape with pretty much any storage, and you can do a whole lot with it, and you’ll notice that, with the way that it works, it’s one of the best for cardboard boxes, since it works with this, and you’ll be able to, with this as well, create a better type of experience, especially when packing items. This will help limit any spills during transit that’s for sure.