The Best Boxes for Moving and Storage

Moving is always a struggle, but for most people, there are some fun aspects of it. After all, upgrading from an apartment to a house is a wonderful step in the right direction, and not just that, there are always some fun aspects of this too.  You may however, with this as well, wonder if there are any ways to make sure that it’s as hassle-free as it can be.  You want to make sure that you choose the right boxes for your move, for the purpose of protecting everything that you need when you’re moving your items.  If you want to keep everything nice and safe, you need a box that’s reliable, and useful for you too.

In this, we’ll highlight the truth about most moving boxes, and what you have to learn about these, including some of the important aspects that you need to understand when choosing a box that works for you.

The 101 on Moving Boxes

Boxes are needed for a good move, and even the experts agree on this.  If you want to lose all of your prize possessions, then by all means get boxes that won’t hold up.  But, here’s the thing: the wrong box will cause your stuff to get crushed, and oftentimes, the items won’t be left undamaged when they get to the location, you’re at.  You want ones with a bottom that’s sturdy as well, especially if you put it on the driveway, pick it up, and don’t want a mess all over the floor.

The best boxes for your move are corrugated cardboard boxes, or moving boxes, and they are the best for moving for a variety of different reasons.

The first reason is the weight.  Weight is something that can oftentimes be a big factor, and cardboard boxes have a lot of different options, both for heavy and lighter weight objects, and oftentimes, they are impact resistant without weighing too much for you, and you’ll be amazed at the difference this makes on your items.

Corrugated boxes are also incredibly strong.  You don’t’ need to worry about them, because they’re measured with the bursting strength test, which is called the Mullen test, which does measure the pounds of force that’s needed to rupture the box, and then the edge crush test, which does determine the strength by measuring the minimal pounds for each linear inch that it would take to compress the box edges. Both of these do pass these tests immensely, and it oftentimes is much stronger than anything you’ve used in the past. 

There is also the cost there too.  Cardboard boxes are much cheaper than other types of boxes, so they’re incredibly affordable for most people, and if you need a ton of these for moving, then you’ll definitely have an option that works for you.

Moving in. Stack of cardboard boxes in the empty room with copy space

The versatility of these are good too. Home movers and shippers of industrial items do benefit from this construction.  For example, Uline, which is a distributer of the packing and shipping materials has more than 1450 stock box sizes in the catalog, and there are so many different types of box sizes and options too. So, if you need a giant one, great, if you need a small box, you’ve got it. The versatility alone is what makes it easy for you to figure out, and you’ll be able to, with this too, create the easiest moving experience.

Finally, you’ve got an eco-friendly resource here. Cardboard boxes are completely recyclable, but they’re also made form materials that are recyclable.  The strength of this, along with the one-time use status of this, has already spawned a market of almost-new moving boxes and used ones too. They are wonderful, eco-friendly for you, and great to offer.  If you’ve been curious about this type of moving box, then you’re in luck, for you can, with this as well create the best moving boxes that are out there for you and create the most wonderful and meaningful options for your moving boxes that are possible.

Size Options

Remember how we said that there are different options for sizes? Well, you’ve got three kinds.  The standard is of course, the standard box, which has a 40 pounds max load, good for small to medium items.  If you’re going to be moving larger items, you get the heavy duty ones, which have a 65 pound max total. Finally, you’ve got the heavy duty doubled walled one, which has an 80 pounds max load.  Manufacturers of this will often include one for both strength and the measuring on the box, looking at the stamp of it for this.  Online retailers will oftentimes list these in the specifications of the products tab and make it possible for you to use this easily, and quite readily s well, making it better for you to use if you’re planning on making it possible for you to utilize in your own moving.

So, what box do you Need?

That depends on your move.

If you’re moving a lot of small items, such as small gaming consoles, books, tools, magazines, food, or any small knickknacks, you will want a small box.

Well, you can figure out which ones work for you as well if you’re planning on trying to make it work for you.  You will also notice that if you use smaller items for the tiny boxes, and then bigger boxes for the bulkier ones, it works great for you, and allows for you to have it work.

The medium boxes are good for pretty much everything under the sun, including kitchen utensils, weird items that have odd shapes, and also photo albums, and toys.  You can pretty much throw anything on a medium box, and you’ll notice these hold it well.

You have larger boxes too, with the bulkier items that just don’t fit in these larger dishes, vases, various utensils that just don’t fit, lamps, and blankets work too.  You may want to consider these as well for just those big, awkward item, but understand that overloading these makes them incredibly heavy, and you may want to refrain from putting too much in them.

There are also wardrobe boxes which let you put literally everything that you have from your hanging closet into there without needing to remove the hangers.  You may wonder if this is worth it, and it is, because you can put the larger and taller items into there. Brooms, vacuum, cleaners, and even tennis rackets fit well into these and they let you have everything all in one place.

The answer is really just based on how easy it is to move everything. Some people like to have all their boxes in one place and have everything nearly in place. Some people are cool with just throwing everything in tiny boxes, and everyone usually just gets a bunch of medium boxes to get the job done. The answer to which ones are good for you are of course, based on what you’re getting, and what type of experience you want from this, including what you need to get the job done, but also how you can use these to store items too, and what will fit best.