Uses for Cardboard Boxes

What can you do with a cardboard box? Well, there are a lot of cool things that you can do with your cardboard box, and here, we’ll highlight some of the fun functions, both creative and otherwise that you can do with a cardboard box.

Move Items out of Your Home

first, move the items that you have just lying about in your home.  This is something that will ultimately help you if you have a lot of junk just lying about, but it also does help clear out the space. If you’ve got craft projects that are just sitting there like a bump on a log, you can definitely get a lot of great uses out of this.  This is good for others too that have recently moved, and they need that extra little bit of help that they need in order to create the best cardboard box experience possible.

Empty room full of cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

Use for Shipping Stuff

Do you run a business from your home? Are you tired of always having to buy boxes that you feel are definitely not going to be used again? Well, use those boxes for your items! They will get out of your house, and you can always give extra little freebees if the boxes are too big.  Shipping companies know how to handle boxes that have been used before quite easily, and you ca, with this too, create a lot of ease with your shipping options. Not only that either, when you use a box instead of buying one, you’ll save some resources, and in turn, be able to get it out of there. Personally, I love to do this, unless of course, it’s a branded box, which in that case may not be ideal, but it’s still a wonderful option for you to try out, and some cool things for you to do.

Make Creative Pieces

There are so many different creative items that you can make with a cardboard box, and here, we’ll talk a little bit about some of the fun projects that you should have, and some of the best options that will help you.

First, if you know that your child likes to play instruments, you can make cardboard kazoos that will actually play. These cardboard kazoos are wonderful for you to use, and a good way for you to get the most that you can out of your projects. It can actually be played too, and there is a lot of fun to be had with this as well.

If your child likes to play pretend, you can create a cardboard but out in order to make imitation fruit, both 2D and 3D options. This is something I tried out, and my kids love it, because they can use this for playing house too.  It’s a good way to save money on those pretend fruits too, since if you ever look at the price of those, they can add up over time as well.

Another fun thing that you can make with these is of course masks.  You can take a sheet of cardboard, cut it out into the shape that you want to, and then, your child can paint and decorate it.  You can use feathers, dowels and the like to really add the decorative touch, and this in turn will create the best decorative masquerade masks that are out there.  This is awesome too, because it works with cardboard of all different types, and you’re definitely going to get some wonderful benefits from this as well.

If you have a long, thin box, cut out the sides of it, and from there, attach a string to each end of it. Thake the string, and then in either a circular or square type of top, you attach it on each side. This can create a cardboard windsock hat children will love to put on there.  This is a good thing to have, but don’t put it anywhere where it might get wet, since it can in turn get wet and ruin itself over time.  But, it’s a fun and creative option for those of us who have children that want to make things.

There is also a cardboard purse that that you can make.  With this one, you want to take a longer strip of cardboard to make a cardboard purse. From there, you want to take two crescent shapes, and from there, put them on the sides of the long piece.  You then put them together, and then take the long piece and with a whole-puncher, attach it to there, and you’ll have a great little place for your child to put their things.

Posters in Cardboard Tubes

If you’re moving, or you have a poster that you don’t feel like you want to use, you can always take these, and then roll up some posters and put them in there. If you’re moving to a new house, or moving posters to a new area, this is something that you could try, and it’s a good way to really create the best, and most rewarding actions that you can with this item. 

They’re good for longer items too, so if you have poles, toy swords, or whatever, they’re great to use.

A Bird Feeder

You can use cardboard boxes as bird feeders. What you do, is you take honey, along with seeds, and a used paper towel roll. From there, spread the seeds and honey all around it, or cut the bottom into a way where the seed can’t get out, or clog the bottom, and then hang it up. This is a good, cheap bird feeder that can do a lot for you, and it can create a wonderful option if you don’t feel like spending twenty bucks on a birdfeeder.

Cat Fun!

Cats love boxes. If you have ever had a cat, you’ve see these little guys tear into boxes you can put a nice little rug int there to make it a bed, or even a scratcher inside to make it an area where they can scratch. You can even take old pieces and construct a cardboard scratching house for the cat to use. From there, the cat can scratch as they please, and you don’t have to worry about your rug being torn up or anything.

Plus, cats like to go into boxes as a way to escape and get away from people, so it will be a nice way for your feline friend to relax if things are starting to get a little too much for them outside of the box.

The beauty of a cardboard box is that there are so many grand ways to use it.  Seriously, there are so many wonderful ways to use these boxes, and you’ll be able to, with each of these, make it so that you’re able to use these cardboard boxes for more than just a project or just to move items. The fun of a cardboard box isn’t just the fact that it’s there and can easily be used to throw items in, it’s a wonderful way to dive into the creative aspects of projects, and in turn, create a better, more rewarding experience for you, and will in turn, help you get the most that you can out of your own personal actions too.