How You Can Choose the Right Shipping Boxes

While we know a lo about corrugated shipping boxes, you may not be sure about what type you need or even the right size of this. We all know that there is a lot out their,e and it can be overwhelming, but let’s narrow it down a little bit, in order to help you get in touch with it. In this, we’ll highlight what you need to look at, and the basics behind all of this in order to make selections a little bit smoother for your business.

The Carton Style 

First, look at the shipping carton style that you’re looking at. The first, is the RSCs, and this is the regular slotted cartons, which are the standards that everyone uses. There is also the easy-fold mailers, which are great for narrowed products, or smaller products, and this is something that people are using for tinier items, since they are much more eye-catching.

You’ve also got corrugated milers, which are great for items that are multiple in amount. If you have a lot of items you’d like to put somewhere, this is the best way to do it.

Then there is finally, the front lock mailers, which have the most style of all of these, which are perfect for creating experiences in unboxing with other customers, so if you’re targeting customers who are trying to unbox things, then you’ll want to consider these as well definitely.

The type of look hat you want matters too, and we’ll go over the look and color in the next section.

Color options 

Next, look at the type of color that you want. First, you’ve got the kraft corrugated boxes, which are of course, your regular old box, and these are ideally the best, since they are the most cost-effective of these options.

You’ve also got the white ones, which cost a little bit more, and the one downside of these is that dirt is more obvious on these, but they look a little more stylized than your regular old kraft boxes, so it might be an option for you.

The final option, is fof course your color corrugated, or printed corrugated ones. These are the custom-made shipping boxes, which, if you’re looking to show off the branding and figure out the best custom unboxing experience possible, adding these will help to enhance it.

The Product Size 

Now that you know what kind of box you’d like, next let’s talk about the most important thing: the size. Size will make or break a box. It’ll help either make customers happy, or upset them because their item came in broke or smashed. You don’t want either of those, so going with the size of the product is essential.

First you have the inside dimensions, which is of course the usable space, and you should measure the products, and see if they’ll fit into the box. If it’s smaller than the dimensions of your box, it’ll fit inside.

The outside dimensions are very important for the shipping options. You need to look at how much you need on the outside. If it’s much bigger, sure it offers copious amounts of protection, but it does affect the price of your box too. A lot of people will realize shipping costs get insanely high if it’s got a thicker outside, and you want something that has a proper fit for a lot of people. You should consider the budget options for your business, and you should figure out how to make a good balance between the two.

You should also avoid wasted space as much as you possibly can. Oversized boxes not only rack up shipping charges, but there is also another problem with them.

If you do have too big of boxes, you oftentimes will need to fill these up with something to cushion everything. Otherwise, you run the risk of products bouncing and jarring, and oftentimes, suffering major damage as well. You need always to consider the size of your product, and also just account a little for extra room, but not too much.

The Product Itself 

You need to look at the type of product you’re seeling too. It isn’t just your actual sizes and colors, look at what you’re putting into these boxes too.

For any food, medicines, or other perishables, you’ll need to get protection from temperatures and humidity changes, and you should always consider insulated shipping since that’ll help with creating the sealed and protected environments too. You should also make sure that you add anything else that is needed based on the type of food that it is.

For clothing, or handmade items, you will want to keep these snug, unmoving, but also giving enough room to add some padding or void fill. For clothes, it’s nowhere near as bad, but handmade items can sometimes come apart, so it’s best to add a little bit of extra cushion to this too.

Finally, with breakable items, you need to add as much protection as you possibly can. Keep these snug, but of course not too snug, since you don’t want pressure or tension added to these, while also restricting the movement of this as much as you can.

Keep all of this in mind, and choose the right options for all of this that you can, as much as you possibly can do.

Extra Tips for This 

Here are a couple of extra tips to help with this type of shipping.

First, you want to avoid the bad packaging choices, as much as you can. Stick with the ones that are new, and of course undamaged, and you can always use newer boxes for that extra ounce of protection. Older packaging will have dents, tears, and other unseen issues such as damage from water, especially already used. Use water-activated tape in order to seal these boxes, since it’s much stronger, and it’ll leave less obvious evidence that there has been tampering of the package, which is good for customers.

Finally, avoid those wasteful packaging choices. Don’t go too crazy with the filler if you don’t need it. Use some bubble cushion, foam sheets, or even just packaging paper whenever you possibly can. Packing tape is also good too, but don’t over-tape this, since it doesn’t mean better customer shipment, and it’s also really good for you to have.

Of course, with all of this in mind, hopefully, you’ve given enough thought to the different packaging that you need, and you should figure out the best way to protect your packages as much as you can. You should look into the best, and most versatile ways to protect these as you can, and do consider all of these when working with packaging as well.

With all of this said, do take some time to actively look at your packaging, and make the right choices for your shipping boxes. They represent the brand, and they are something that you should definitely look at, especially when looking to add a layer of protection to your packages and make it simpler as well.