Six common Mistakes that Brand Owners Make when Packaging Products

Whatever category it might be, a lot of brand owners are trying to find new ways to get value to their packages that goes beyond the sales points. The best brands will do this by enriching the experience of customers in different ways, such as ergonomic and structural benefits, or by addressing the sustainability of the environment. The role of structural packaging has never been higher on the agendas of the brand owners and the consumers.

When choosing an agency to help with this, you need to look at the differences between the branding, capability, and some of the other issues that sometimes happen when choosing structural packaging. But what can sometimes go wrong? Well, we’ll highlight the most common mistakes that happen with structural packaging, and some of the major faux pas that happen.

 First, the big mistake is assuming that the company has 3D expertise.  The skills that they need are varied, but most of them only specialize in 2D branding rather than the 3D experience. Some clients want the one-stop shop, and they think that this company can do it all, but that isn’t the case. Make sure that you pick one that has the right type of branding that you need.

Then there is the budget mistake.  The timescales and budget for both of these are quite different, and you want to make sure that you choose a company with structural packaging that will fit what you need, and what will fit the budget. The budget for those 3D options are of course going to be higher than the 2D counterparts.

Then there is the assumption that once you have visual representation, production immediately happens. But the companies and agents want to go into finger detail and get a good feel for what exactly it is that they need to do.  They usually want to make sure that they have a good idea, and the thing is, usually clients make the mistake of assuming that once they have the concept, that’s the final product.

Then there is the need for communication.  This is a journey; decisions might be made between both parties. Understanding that you need to communicate and understand in order to get brand loyalty is important, and this includes building a liaison from launch to concept, and it’s definitely a market changer that needs to be in place.

Then there is the mistake that it’s “easy” and can be done with freelancers. But the thing is, freelancers might need some heads up, and they might be booked months in advance. There is also the fact that while they might do some design, they may not be suitable for 3D projects, and specialize in the 2D kind. Fi you do use freelance talent for this, make sure to get it early on, and also make sure that they can do the job before you continue to use them.

Then finally, there is the mistake of bolting on an offer to a 2D company.  This is something a lot of people who don’t really know what they’re doing end up making.  They will ask a 2D company to do this, and they will assume that they’ll immediately do this based on your visions. That isn’t the case. The best way to go about when working with this kind of work is understanding and getting a feel for the goals and challenges that people have and understanding that you must choose the right partners for the job so you can understand the process that goes into this.