The Different Kinds of Flexible Pouches

You might know stand up pouches, but do you know the flexible ones?  There are ones which are gusseted, and others which have the side seal, pillow pouches, and others.  You might wonder which one is best, and here, we’ll explore each of the most popular kinds, and the pros and cons of both of these.

Flexible pouches of course, are single-use little bags that hold everything from industrial liquids to snack foods to other little additives that you usually find in the grocery store.

They’ve become extremely popular for years, since they’re resealable, environmentally friendly, and overall cheaper.  You can get anything from granola to even energy drinks added to these, and they offer a much lower carbon footprint than other alternative packaging, and that means of course, less space in the landfills being used for this.

The first you have is the stand up one, and they’re called this because well, they do end up standing up.  You’ve seen these with granola and other pouches. These usually have a tearaway top, and you can usually seal these up again after you’ve opened them. They’re compact, and they are super easy to use.

You can also get a plastic zip lock below  this, so that they can be resealed once again. Sometimes, you can get them with a plastic cap on them too, which is similar to what other plastic containers use and such.

Next are gusseted ones, which also stand up, but the tops of it are bent slightly to push them together. This makes them stand up in a completely different way, and they offer a different type of resealability.  The tops of these are oftentimes pushed together and then folded down until they reach a part with the glue.  The glue then seals this until the customer chooses to open up the pouch again.

You can also use the tabs that are on the sides and the top of this, so they can stay sealed till the next use.  This is good for a lot of the air to stay away from this, which prevents the air from getting into and outside the pouch.

You can get the side gusseted and the bottom gusseted versions of this. the side one is usually used for coffee, and they come with the front panels on the back and front, and the gussets that are on the left and the right side. The flat panels on the back are where branding, central imagery, and graphic art along with aesthetics are focused as well. The back panel usually has text which explains the product, and of course consistent branding is used for this. the bottom one usually has a shape and size capabilities that are different from the side ones, which allows for a much more fluid design as well.

Finally you’ve got the pillow pouches.  These are the longest running ones, and these are what potato chips, crackers, snack packs, coffee that’s single-serving, and other kinds of foods are indeed packaged like this.  these are popular with companies within the food industry, along with businesses that package candy and snack foods.  They have a much larger longevity than some of the others, and some of them are even resealable these days.

You can get seals near the top and the bottom, and there is a center seal that’s there too, and they can be cut in a die cut oval shape either, which allows for these to hang on metal pegs too.

These are good for most packaging, since they are proven effective, and they offer a flexible packaging that’s affordable and recognizable by many consumers.

These types of flexible packaging are variable and fun to use, and a lot of people are quite happy with the results that come from it, and a lot of people and consumers are definitely enjoying these options, and what they can do.