How to Create a Killer Unboxing Experience

In our world, people are getting products more and more than ever before.  Unboxing is a trend that is skyrocketing to, since a lot of people aren’t interacting directly with the company, but instead buying online from people. You have to understand that if you don’t make a good first impression when someone opens this, you’ll fail the business.  Here, we’ll talk about some of the ways to really increase that wow factor so that customers adore the brand, and really fall in love with this as well, and in turn, help you get the most they can out of this, no matter who they are.

First, you must take all cautions to prevent wrap rage. What is that? Well, it’s anger and frustration that comes from customers opening up packaging that isn’t easy to remove, and it can be hazardous not to the customer, but also the package. This usually comes from unnecessary amounts of packaging as well, and this does happen if you use a large carboard box for a tiny product, or a box within a box, and that is annoying.

You don’t want to give your customer blisters either, so to prevent this, make sure not to use excessive amountsof packaging, and only use the material that’s needed for the packaging itself.  You should make sure it can easily be removed with knives, scissors, or even small blades. You should try to follow the frustration packaging guidelines from amazon too for best results.

Next, focus on the environmental impact too. You want to make sure that you’re not ignoring the ecological concerns of the customers too.  You should consider using air pillows instead of Styrofoam and other items.

You should also look for ways to use lighter materials that will be recycled, along with biodegradable materials too.

So how do you streamline the ecommerce experience. If you want good unboxing, you should make sure that your shopping experience is feasible and simple.  You should make the website simple to navigate, offer some good coupons or rewards for buyers which are dedicated, and make sure that if the wrong item is sent, you fix the issue  as quick as you can. If you’re not doing that, you won’t wow people, and chances are, they won’t buy from you too. Work to meet or exceed the expectations of the customers, and you’ll see the difference right away.

Finally, make sure your customer service is good.  If the unboxing experience goes bad, and customers want to give feedback for this, don’t be afraid to offer a customer service line that works. If they have a concern, make sure that you’re not putting them through an automated experience, but insteada human being that can help.  While email and digital chatbots are good for those really pressing matters, it is better to have a live human on the other side for those real faux pas.

With all of this, you mix it together in order to create the best unboxing experience that you can, and so you can really improve the different aspects of this to help the customer get what they really want out of the experience too.