Skin Vs. Blister Packaging

Skin and blister packaging are often confused, but they’re not the same thing.  They use similar materials and aesthetics, but they involve different applications. Skin packaging is used to package fish like fillets, but the blister packs will house the lure that’s used to catch your fish.  You can use both of them sure, but we’ll discuss the difference between both of them here, and why they matter.

So what’s a blister pack? Well, it’s a plastic pack that is against a paperboard packaging and commonly cut into small rectangular sheets, so they can be printed with the branding and graphics that will illustrate the piece while also showing the cost and different features of your product. They may also have plastics or other film on there, especially in the case of pharmaceuticals, and depending on the source of these, this will commonly be used for the blister pack backers as well.

The blister is a container that’s made of plastic and will look like that. From there, the product is then held in place, and a backer is then made around that.  You may see these in lures, hardware, drugs, toys, toothbrushes, some toys, candy, and other products.

So what about skin packaging? What’s the difference? They are similar yes, but they are different. They have the same basic components, which is a board and plastic covering, but the product is put between the backer and the film and is sealed in a vacuum sealing machine too in order to maintain freshness. It can then be shipped in that way, and from there allows for a uniform package to be put in place, creating a smooth and visually appealing package.  It’s basically surrounded by a skin pack.

The differences is that a skin package has a thing surlyn film that’s shrunk around there and is then vacuum sealed to the backing board. The blister pack  is basically a blister that contains the product, but it will not be vacuum sealed, so it will move around a little bit in the package if you try to move it around.

So what’s right for you? Well, if you do have the funds for it, and need the freshness, then you will want the skin pack. But, if you’re looking to just seal the items, the best way to do so is in the form of a blister package since it requires just that. But you should look to see if there are pointed edges. If so, blister pack is better. Blister packaging is also much cheaper. If you need to get the speed to the market quickly, then you may want to get blister packaging since it helps bypass that.

Whatever you choose, these are both popular ways, and they both work well.