Surlyn Vs. Poly Skin Film

Are you thinking of using skin packaging for products? Maybe you’re manufacturing food or you’re a buyer for a hardware and tooling business. You know that you want to use skin packaging, but you’re not sure to use either surlyn or poly skin film. Both of them do have similar applications, but it’s important to understand that you should know which one is which for your safety, and the best one for packaging needs. Here, we’ll go over that, and tell you which is the better option.

Surlyn is of course a lightweight, beautiful alternative to blister and clamshell packaging. This is used for skin packaging on boards that have a high clarity, and of course strength is a must. This is made of plastic and is used for food packaging.

Poly skin film in contrast is similar to surlyn, and this of course offers more clarity, but it isn’t as strong.

Skin packaging is good for some products where you want to have it naturally adhere to a carboard backing.

They’re used for other options too including fish, hardware, computer and electrical options and other products. They’re great for products that have to be seen and looked at before purchasing in retail settings such as in freezers, shelves, and areas with higher visibility.  These are great for creating a uniform shape, and are tightly sealed.

There are a few places to buy these mostly. Packaging distributers will usually have this type of film, since a lot of clients of these types of places will buy these from manufacturers. And of course, since it is limited to one brand, you’ll be bringing polyfilms to the skin packaging for the products that are in the packaging.

Manufacturers also will have this too.  However, they’ll only sell the brands that they will make, but they will have the best resources and offerings for the film that they have. A lot of manufacturers are big companies, and they usually have a lot of information about the products and what makes them special versus the other films that are on the market.  But, not all manufacturers sell directly to the customers, and you might not be able to get it, so you might have to get it elsewhere.  There are also other things to consider as well, since the manufacturer will need a much larger minimum order quantity than other places, so that’s important to keep in mind too when looking into this.

Before you choose to buy though, you should ask yourself a few questions before buying. If you need clarity but no strength, then you might want a skin poly.  If you need strength, but not clarity, skin poly might be a good one.  But, if you need a balance between then, then surlyn might be the best choice for you to make.

Really, you should look at all of these options, and decide for yourself what type of packaging you need.