Applications OfOvenable Food Packaging Films

Food companies pack their products in different types of materials. One of those packaging options is the use of ovenable food packaging films.

The reason this is called ovenable film is that you do not need to remove it from a product before you put it into the oven to bake. The entire film heats for an even baking of the whole product across all sides.

There are different types of ovenable films available, so you will want to make sure that you are choosing the right type of film.

What is an ovenable film?

Food companies use ovenable films specifically to seal the top of or bag food products. It allows users to bake food in the oven without unpacking. The films are a nice fit for containers that pack foods that can be cooked with minimal effort. Some examples of those foods include pot roasts, potatoes, pies, and veggies.

These films provide optimum safety to the foods as these allow the users to avoid unpacking foods until they reach dinner tables. These films can tolerate the temperature of up to 255-degree Celsius. You can even print on these films using the high-definition flexography printing method. It will allow you to showcase your brand while your product is on the shelf.

The most attractive characteristic of an ovenable film is that it vents steam into the food. This way, you don’t need to poke holes into the film before baking. With the product fully packed in the film, the product will retain its moisture while the baking progresses.

You can use these films to marinate your foods before cooking or baking. It will help you prepare more flavorful foods, especially when you do not have much time for food prepping.

Large sheets of this film can allow you to pack foods on the wrapping machine. You can also purchase premade bagging as a ready solution for food packing or packaging. You can use this bagging for the packaging of whole meals such as beef, poultry, and fish.

Buying ovenable films

If you are a food company, you will want to have access to the source closest to the film manufacturing unit. Options that you can consider in this regard are the following.

  • If you already have a contract with a supplier, you may want them to provide you the film you need. The reason it will be the best option is that you may be enjoying the best working relationship with your vendor. It will allow you to get the film you need at the best possible price.
  • You can contact packaging distributors to get the film you need. These distributors do not have loyalties to any brand, which means they remain strictly professional during their dealings. The reduction in the price may be possible if you are ordering a large quantity of film.
  • Perhaps the best option for buying an ovenable film is to contact the manufacturer directly. Professionals working in the manufacturing units are industry experts who can suggest the most appropriate type of film for your products.

No matter what option you choose, you may want to talk to a packaging consultant to have a piece of advice.