Making Your Packages Stand Out Through Inexpensive Ways

It is exciting to get the first order. Now you are sure that everything you did to produce and market your product paid off, but you are not there yet. You will need to keep your customer satisfied until the very end.

Ensuring that your product reaches your customer’s doorstep is the half accomplishment. Your customer should be amazing with the process of unboxing, and it can happen only when you work on it well. As it turns out, your package is the part of the user experience. You will not want this experience to be negative in any way.

User experience in packaging refers to the use of packaging layers that make the entire unboxing process attractive. However, you may think about how to improve this experience without breaking your bank. There are a few things to consider in this regard.


You can increase orders by word of mouth marketing, and using inserts is the best way to ensure it. The best thing about inserts is that they are not expensive.

You can even use a business card to create a packaging insert if you want. You may have to redesign the card a bit, though, but you will love the response. You can get the inserts’ template printed on a few hundred cards. At the time of packaging, you can write a note to your customer. This note can be as short as a ‘Thank You’, or you can also write a few sentences. Handwritten notes create an impression that you care for your customers, and that is exactly what you want your customers to believe.

Printed boxes

If you have got the budget to get printed boxes, go for it. But chances are you may be striving to save costs, as you are running a start-up. The best alternative is to prepare a stamp that will leave a reasonably bigger print on a side of the box. You are going to have to use it manually, but it won’t be a big issue, at least until your business remains in the start-up phase. You can always switch to printed boxes when you see a surge in orders.

Alternatively, you can creatively use small stamps to make a large design on the side of the box.


If you want your brand to stand out, pick a signature color for it. You can use this color while packaging your product. The best approach is to get the boxes of the color closest to that of your brand. It may even help you skip the printed boxes.

The color should be inside the box too. You can use a colored tissue paper or a ribbon. It will enforce your brand’s color. If possible, use this color for inserts that you place inside the box.

Unusual materials

Unusual materials refer to items that are normally not considered during packaging. These low-cost materials will give your brand a chance to stand out because most of the other companies might not have this idea. These materials include wallpaper, aluminum foil, butcher paper, twine, and wool.

There are a lot of options that you can consider to make your unboxing experience truly amazing. You may want to get ideas from online platforms, such as Pinterest.