Tips To Get A Great Packaging Design

If you are running an e-commerce business, you may have the idea of what it means to develop the product packaging that speaks on behalf of your brand. What’s more in a product packaging design is that it makes your customers excited to know what is inside the package.

In simple words, you need to have a great product to sell. But, if you want your products to communicate with your customers, you are going to have to pay attention to the product packaging.

Branding is the key

With a product in hand, you will want to start designing the packaging design as soon as you can. But, you will need to give priority to the branding before developing a packaging design. The way you brand your product is a guideline for developing the product packaging design. It is because the branding process involves defining an overall style and aesthetic related to your brand. Certain elements of these aesthetics become your brand identity.

You can let your designer know about all these branding elements, so he or she will have a better picture of the design requirement of your product packaging. Without this basic input, the design and patterns of the product packaging might become confusing. You can give your designer the brand guide to avoid explaining the complexity of your design requirements.

Pay attention to the unboxing experience

The ability of an e-commerce business to succeed depends pretty much on how well they are able to amaze their customers. That WOW factor is no longer a luxury – it has become a vital tool to gain attention from the customers to get things going. That is why you need to pay more attention to the unboxing process.

Developing the unboxing experience is a step-by-step process. First, you need to pay attention to what you want your customers to see when they open the package. You can make then anticipate what they will see with the removal of every packaging layer; or even better, you may want every layer to be a surprise. For this purpose, you will need to work on small touches that will make a significant difference cumulatively.

Remember, you should add anything extra that will add to the weight of the package. You can work on the packaging materials that keep your product safe during shipping to make them attractive.


The usability of your product packaging refers to how functional it is when the customer uses the product. If the packaging is not functional, it will go straight into the trash can, which means that it will not stay in the sight to become a memory. A functional packaging necessitates its preservation along with the product because it eases the use of the product. Such product packaging stays in place long enough to remind customers about the brand several times.

Allow your designer to become a bit creative

If you believe in the capabilities of your designer, you should give him or her free hand to create an incredible design. The overall design will, undoubtedly, revolve around the basic concept of the brand, but a little creativity in your product packaging design may make it stand out.