Some Wonderful Ways to Ship and Fill your Packaging without a Bubble Mailer

In the time of the pandemic, people and businesses have seen obstacles and different kinds of problems. Many giant companies have shutter down due to the rise in economic losses. Many businesses have suffered due to the Covid-19. However, due to the stoppage of different products, some areas have halted the production of bubble mailers. Thus, for the filling and protection of the packaging, companies need something. In this regard, some of the organizations have prepared their own fillings and packaging material to meet the requirement of customers. There are different ways to fulfill the packaging demands. Due to the shortage, many companies have faced problems in delivering their products. As this pandemic has shut down some businesses, at the same time some companies have faced bloom. As the case happened with the sanitizers, tissues, and medicines have faced surged in the businesses. Moreover, some of the companies who were selling household products and other daily usage items, also have seen a hike in the demand. As no one can step out of the home; thus, they need products at their home. So, everyone has turned into an online business. Thus, there were a lot of requirements for online products and their packaging. So, delivering them to their end destination safely, you need fillers for the packaging. In the time, when you do not get bubble mailers, you need to create them for yourself. Bubble mailers were so convenient and economical for the companies to use them as protective agents. However, this is the time for something new and lightweight. Thus, below are the three wonderful alternative solutions for bubble mailers.

  1. Use Curbside Recyclable Mailers

A curbside mailer is a regular mailer used for the filling of packaging. The purpose is to protect the content from irregular movement and damage. Moreover, we used to call it recyclable because it has the ability to sustain in a polluted environment. So, it is beneficial for the products to have an eco-friendly filler. They have used curby papers and Jiffy padded mailers for the manufacturing of these fillers. Thus, they can protect heavy and fragile items. Moreover, they are safe for nature and people’s health. They have aesthetic look and can attract your customers.

  1. Make Bubble Mailers for your Products and Packaging

When you do not have traditional and regular bubble mailers, you need to create some for yourself. Thus, it requires some technical knowledge and effort. Automating the full bubble mailer will require papers, plastic, and the entire process. It has required a PAC jacket to produce your own bubble mailer fillers for the company. When you use PAC jackets as bubble mailers, they are 100% more effective and useful for your products. They serve the same purpose as the original bubble mailers. You will require a person to operate this jacket. Else, it will serve the same purpose. This is easy to hand-fil and seals the box. They begin the procedure by scanning and then place the layers of bubble films. Well, the machine will automatically fill the package and seal the film before labeling it for shipping.

  1. Cold Seal Automation as Bubble Mailers

This is another alternative and solution for bubbler mailers. Use cold seal automation, they are air priority packs that can serve the same purpose. Well, it works like the PAC Jacket. The systematic solution is the same. You need to use a machine for the filling of air. It will protect the fragile and small eatables from chemicals and moisture. You do not need the bubble mailers for the filing of the packaging if you have bubble film.