The challenges of ecommerce packaging

The ecommerce world is one of the best ways for creating a circular economy. But there are a few challenges you will run into when designing the right packaging.

The biggest one, is to be less wasteful by using less materials and to help with sustainable packaging too.

The second one, is to offer a shelf presence for this, with better branding and graphics, in order to improve the unboxing actions too.

Then finally, there is optimizing the returns via the small parcel environment for shipping, which is a concern that a lot of retailers that are actually in a physical location don’t run into.

Ecommerce packaging is helping the economy a lot, since this is a better model for customers. To a certain degree, the recyclable packaging is part of the circular supply system, as long as they’re recycled continuously. Within this market, or perhaps in the future, this system is also expanded so that consumers can go back to their used containers to full ones with the item that is in there.

So how do packaging people such as those at the dollar shave club have the right size for the shippers, and how does it work? Well, first and foremost you need the right product size for the shipper. This is the biggest hurdle since it does prevent voids that aren’t needed that’ll cause the product to move about, but it also will help with creating a neat unboxing experience. In a business that’s direct-to-customer, you need the shippers in mind. If a product doesn’t fit in the shipper, it’s the same as creating products that don’t fit into the store as well.

This is important since you need to create the same kits that will balance out with the shipping constraints to provide cushioning for the product.

Of course, not all of the products are as fragile as cologne bottles, however. Tube packaging is a good way to package things since it is robust, since it is resistant to shock, but there is the concern of scuffing, since they do have the induction seals, and that of course can create issues with the integrity of the packaging, and of course, you will save a bit on the shipping weight by using the E-flute instead of your B-flute, which won’t hinder the product when you transport it.

Unboxing is probably the main concern and is basically the new shelf presence. So you also need to focus on the challenge of that too. That’s because product presentation as the person opens this is imperative, since it needs to look neat and also tell others that it’s been packed easily.  This is important since it offer paper and plastic, and of course, inserts for the product, some wrapping in this, and of course using unit cartons to help with this. unboxing is probably the second most part of this, and is the biggest challenge of course, right next to giving the product sustainable packaging. All three of these work together to provide the best and utmost different actions that are needed to provide the best in customer experience as well.