The History of Corrugated Cardboard

mostly used for materials and packaging. These types of boxes don’t have a fluted inner later like how corrugated cardboard does. Corrugated shipping containers, however, are a type of cardboard box that uses a per based material called a flute, with a corrugated medium and one or to of these flat-liner boards. However, in today’s day and age the corrugated packaging is one of the best solutions for custom packaging materials. But, what’s so special about them, and what’s the history behind them? Read below to find out!

The timeline 

The first corrugated paperboard box was actually somewhat recent, and it was developed in 1817 by a man named Albert jones in new york city, and he’s basically seen as the “father of corrugated board. In the beginning, this was used to wrap the bottles and glass chimney lanterns that were used. The original concept behind this was a pleated paper with one singular liner in one sheet. By 1874, Oliver long then used this same concept in order to add another liner sheet, and from there patented the improvements, and this is, of course, the cardboard that’s used today. And, by the early 1900s, the wooden crates and boxes were then replacing the corrugated paper and the shipping cartons that were used too.

In the beginning, this was used for different types of packaging, but nowadays, this is primarily used for retail packaging. The reason behind, is because you can use this for not just packaging, but storing and shipping your product ts all the way out to warehouses, factories, and the retail stores. They usually can be stacked neatly, so your retailer will have enough stock. It can be used for other types of uses too.

The other uses 

There are so many uses for cardboard that it’s not even funny. While shipping and packaging is a good way, to begin with this, you can use this to protect your floor and the ground from paint and other chemicals, for gift packaging by cutting out the tags and then attaching them to the gift with a DIY style to it, displaying different store items in their own way, or through custom printing, and it also is one of the best ways to start a fire. I love to keep cardboard around for my fireplace because it catches easily, and is good when the wood isn’t cutting it, or if it’s a little bit damp itself.

Kids love cardboard too! Cardboard is a great thing to have for different types of items, including body armor, spaceships, a fort, and so much more. This is what’s so cool about it, while there are many different uses for cardboard, it can be used for both kids, and adults alike in order to ensure proper playing is happening, and you’re doing a lot with it.

Plus, you can keep these around for moves, or even just use them for proper storage as well. Boxes are wonderful for all of the different items that you have and there are so many different types of packaging that’s out their,e and a lot that you can benefit from.

The coll thing about this too, is that the single-called corrugated sheets are made with a layering pad in order to disperse the weight ton these pallets and to keep the tops of these products as dust-free as they can when you’re storing items. There are a variety of different cartons, and corrugated boxes that can be used and so may different shipping options that will help you. So, if you’re using cardboard boxes for the primary shipping needs, you can choose a lot of great boxes, and box options.

And what’s more, is that with corrugated box options, you can choose whether you want a plain corrugated box, a custom designed cardboard box with your name, logo, or even specialty colors, or a fancy white corrugated box that offers a stylistic, and beautiful look to the items as well. This is what’s so cool about these types of boxes. There are so many different options out there, and so much that you can do with this, that there are many different types of options that you can do and a lot that you can benefit from with a corrugated box, that you’ll definitely benefit from this.

What’s amazing too, is that with corrugated cardboard boxes, you can have them about as big as a couple of feet high, or even as small as something that can literally fit into your pocket, perfect for those of us who are jewelry lovers and want that extra little touch to our items, and this is what’s so amazing about it. There are so many different options that are out their,e that you won’t want to miss out on even one of these different kidnds of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Facts about these Boxes 

Finally, let’s take a moment to talk about the different and cool facts about corrugated cardboard boxes. They are worth mentioning and are worth talking about for those of us who love boxes.

First, it’s the fact that when you look at corrugated boxes, there is something called “old corrugated containers, or “OCC” and that’s something that you should always try to find when you’re looking for corrugated materials, and you’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes.

Almost all products within the US are shipped out of corrugated cardboard boxes. While it might seem like plastic mailers are your way to go, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you consider corrugated boxes as you continue to figure out your needs, since they’re cheap, effective, and recyclable.

One cool thing about corrugated paperboard is that it is part of more than half of the paper that’s recycled within the US, so you’re getting a lot of recycling out of these. People love o recycle these, since they are simple to do, and quite effective as well. Most of the people who recycle this type of paper are people that use it for differing ways, and you can even consider using these paperboards for different uses as a form of recycling as well.

Finally, when you do choose to get this type of box for your products, you won’t’ have to worry about possibly running out. You can print these in different colors, and there are special types of die-cut boxes that are perfect for your packaging need,s and their ear ea ton of different designs that are out their,e and worth mentioning, since most of them are worth checking out, and there are many different types of uses for this. A lot of people love the versatility of these kinds of boxes, and it’s part of the reason why most people love to get these kinds of boxes.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about corrugated cardboard boxes, and a lot that you can benefit from. With the way corrugated cardboard boxes are, there are so many different aspects of this that you can benefit from and a lot that you can do as well.