Why Packaging is Important for Products

Over half of the purchases that are made are based off of emotions. This is true when a shopper is looking at two brands of the same thing. A retail package is one of the ways to make or break a sale. If your packaging is good, it will increase the likelihood of getting a sale from the customer. About 95% of new products fail every single year, and about a thrid of the decisions are based on packaging alone, so you should understand that in order to be better in the retail market, you need to have packaging that catches the eye. You only have about 7 seconds to impress a customer and really get the sale, so yo need to understand that the packaging is what will draw people in, and it can affect the buying choices even more.

The simplest way to choose a product is based on colors. If you have more than one product, color can help unify the product that’s there and really build a line. When using color, you should choose ones that carefully resonate with the customers.

You can use yellow for example to convey happiness, black for control and power, white for simplicity and pureness. Blue is the most well-liked color out there, but you can use different shades of blue for every single product, so remember that colors have associations within people that play a focal part in the packaging of your product.

So, while bright colors can grab the attention, you need to make sure that everything else looks good. You can show how your product will help others, and consumers can make assumptions on the desirability of the product based on how it’s packaged. If you package the products in order to look more upscale, it will bring forth more value. You want to really use this to stand out from the competition.

Giving the impression of high quality will allow for customers to market this for you by sing this again. Almost half of the customers that shop online will order another product from the same company if they get a premium package from this. Almost all shoppers reuse the boxes and such that they get online, so if you want to gain exposure, you’ll wnt to use this. Also, about 40% of customers will admit that they would share the package if it is interesting enough, so sharing pictures of this, customers will endorse this for free. Complimentary marketing is great for friends and such, and it will help the business succeed.

So yes, your design does matter and for a lot of people, this is the branching point between you as the retailer, and as the consumer that uses it. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes, so if you haven’t taken the time to look at the brand’s packaging just yet, you should definitely do so, and try to really get a feel for what you need to do in order to truly master this.